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Crystal Defenders Enemy
CD Cockatrice
Gametypes W1
Wave Number Wave 1 (W1)
Wave 2 (W2)
HP 10 (Bisga Greenlands)
7 (Bisga Greenlands Adv)
5 (Orchise Snowfields)
4 (Orchise Snowfields Adv)
35 (Kthili Sands)
31 (Melby Point)
Abilities None

The Cockatrice is an enemy from Crystal Defenders. A basic enemy, they have no abilities, low HP, and usually are one of the first waves.

Etymology Edit

The Cockatrice is a creature from mythology. It is similar to the basilisk in appearance and ability, but also possesses flight. A cockatrice is born from an egg hatched by a rooster and incubated by a toad, and its gaze causes instant petrification.

Related enemies Edit

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