Do what you want.

Do I feel sorry for you.

Come what may, I'm ready.

Let's just...get this over with.

I...don't have time for you.
when HP is low

I'm gonna do...what ever I can.
when HP is low

I'm gonna win. Don't you care?
when opponent is stronger

What do you want with me?
when opponent is stronger

Guess I have to.
when opponent is weaker

Not interested.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

What a depressing job.
when opponent is weaker

You sure?
when opponent is weaker

Let me test you.

Guess there's no getting around this.

I can't lose this fight.

Looks like I'm in trouble here.
when opponent is stronger

You don't seem like an ordinary foe.
when opponent is stronger

I'm gonna do... what I can.
when HP is low

How dare you.
when HP is low


Are you ready for this?

I can handle this.
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle.

I have to continue on.
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle.

You can count on me.
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

You can leave the rest to me.
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Dissidia NTEdit

Don't get in my way. Or else.

Just do what you can.

Make it easy on yourselves and give up now.

Guess working with others can't hurt.

I fight who I want, when I want.

I won't disappoint you guys.

Encounters: Character-specificEdit


Show me the power of light.
Warrior of Light

No chain is unbreakable.

You look like a friend of mine.

I'm not anyone's tool.
The Emperor

You're a knight. Show me what you've got.
Onion Knight

I can rip through your darkness.
Cloud of Darkness

Don't think, just fight.

Who do you fight for?

Don't rush me, I'm getting ready.

You don't know true despair...

Let's do what we can.

There's no getting through to you.

If I win, are my sins forgiven?

I've got a few things to settle with you.

Fight with pride.

You won't touch my memories.

Yap while you can.

We just met, but I won't miss you.

Why are you always so happy?

No one is too special...

Never seen anyone like you.

Can you break from your past?

I won't waver anymore.

Dissidia 012Edit

No time to doubt, huh?
Warrior of Light

Are your memories real?

This is the only weapon I need.

You look like you got it all figured out.
The Emperor

Keep your goals high.
Onion Knight

A visible darkness does not frighten me.
Cloud of Darkness

So darkness may not be evil...

Can sins be redeemed?

Do you have any doubts?

I'm glad you're having fun.

If it's the Void you want, it's the Void you get.

Who are you?

You're over your fears now, right?

What's so funny?

Not you again.

To see the day when we must fight...

Let's end this.

You sure have a lively lot with you.

I don't sense any anger from you.

I'm not interested in your plans.

I don't plan on playing any games.

You can still proceed, even with doubts.

Is there anything you regret?

You sure have a solid resolve.

So you're fighting for him.

You're a small target...

Don't you have any doubts?

You need more than ambition.

Don't ignore your own doubts.

So you're a true warrior.

However long it takes.

I can't ride along on your road to ruin.
Feral Chaos

Encounters: story specificEdit

Side Story: Unexpected Fulfillment -2-
Sephiroth: "Saving your enemies from your friends?"
Cloud: "You're no friend of mine!"

Light to All: Beyond Doubt
Firion: "Give me all you got, Cloud!"
Cloud: "Time to see... what you're made of."

Light to All: Beyond Doubt
Sephiroth: "You fight, not knowing the truth?"
Cloud: "Enough talk, let's go."

Light to All: The Chosen Path
Cloud: "Here goes, Terra."
Terra: "I don't want to hurt you!

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Exdeath: "Prepare to disappear into the Void!"
Cloud: "I'm not fighting just to fade away."

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Sephiroth: "I'll lead you to true despair."
Cloud: "I've got enough on my plate."

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
The Emperor: "Grovel before my unrivaled power!"
Cloud: "You cannot control our hopes."

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Garland: "There is no escaping the cycle!"
Cloud: "I will put an end to this fight."


There... Ha! Over here!
when using Climhazzard

when using Fire, Fira, or Firaga

when using Slashing Blow (Down)

when using Slashing Blow (Up)

You're gone!
when using Blade Beam

Stars, rain down!
when using Meteorain

This... is it!
when using Finishing Touch

This ends here!... No hard feelings.
when using Omnislash Version 5

Give me strength!
when activating EX Mode

This is it.
when EX Burst is performed

Breaking my limit!... This is it.
with perfect EX Burst execution

I need this power!
when using EX Revenge

I'll help!
when called as an Assist


Set the world on fire and watch it burn!

Plunge lances of ice through their hearts!

Descend and shock our foes into submission!

Sever their limbs in a single blow!

Crush them under the ocean's wave!

Don't show these weaklings any mercy!

Show them defiance is impossible!
Bahamut (early Beta)

Unleash your fury upon our foes!
Bahamut (game proper)

Sample voicesEdit

Dissidia / Dissidia 012Edit

Feel the Planet's wrath!

The power of mako!

This is true strength!

Unleash my powers!

Let's finish this!

Dissidia NTEdit



See ya.



All right.

Not gonna happen.

Before / After BattleEdit

Time for a change of plans.

Better quit while I'm ahead.

I can still fight.

Something's gotta change.

Gonna hang back for this one.

That went pretty well.

You did good.

You owe me one.

During BattleEdit

The core's as good as gone.

Time to summon some help.

I'll take care of 1.

I'll take care of 1.

I'll take care of 3.

I'll take care of 4.

I'll take care of 5.

I'll take care of 6.

I'll back 1 up.

I'll back 2 up .

I'll back 3 up.

I'll back 4 up.

I'll back 5 up.

I'll back 6 up.

Need some help!

Pressing the attack!

I'm pulling back to regroup!

Keep them in your sights!

Can't do that now.

Whenever you're ready.

That didn't work.

Never mind.

Think we can make it in time?

Don't get cocky!

It's too early to quit!

Don't worry about it.

Got some work to do.

I'm tired of waiting.

Group up.

Leave some gaps.


Not interested.

Come, planet! Show us your answer!

There's not a thing I don't cherish!

Stay where you my memories.

Ha ha ha... Black Materia.

I'll tell you how much I know... and for free, too!

I'm going to live my life without pretending.

I'm gonna do whatever I can.

Need something to complete my disguise.



My mine alone.

Let's go.

You should have seen that one coming.

That was a joke.

I've a lot to learn.
when HP is low

I'll live your life for you.
when HP is low

It always ends the same way.
when opponent is stronger

I earned this victory.
when opponent is stronger

Can't smile about this one.
when opponent is weaker

I won't sleep well tonight.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

What a sour note...
when opponent is weaker

You cannot defeat me.

Is this what you had in mind?

I won.

You're out of luck.

Don't mess with me.
when opponent is stronger

Figures. What a pain.
when opponent is stronger

A win is a win.
when HP is low

Dissidia NTEdit

You put up a decent fight.

It went exactly like I thought it would.

Looks like I've finally found my way.



That was bad...

Just get outta here.

This can't be it...

This isn't the place to stop...

A a loss.

Gotta...start over.

I guess this is it.
when opponent is stronger

I...don't care anymore.
when opponent is stronger

How did this happen?
when opponent is weaker

I just...
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

I'm burnt out.

Is this... the end of the line?

You see? I'm no hero.

Do as you wish.

I was too reckless...

You're kidding me.

How could this happen?

Dissidia NTEdit

This is ridiculous...