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Being a mollusk of mischievous bearing and ghostly aspect, much given to rollicking in a dance at once graceful and deadly. Alongside the Limule, they have grown to prominence in the wake of the great cataclysm, spreading as a plague across Abyssea. Of the little that is known about these invertebrates, their proclivity for aggression towards mankind is well-documented.--Abyssean Bestiary

Clionids tend to be very aggressive toward the Enlightened Races; however, they only initiate attacks at night, and prey especially upon weakened adventurers, seeking to destroy them quickly through devastating magic spells.

Regular Monsters Edit

  • Clionid
  • Ephemeral Clionid
  • Gully Clionid
  • Knoll Clionid
  • Ley Clionid
  • Range Clionid
  • Veld Clionid

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Halimede

Special Attacks Edit

  • Acrid Stream: Deals water damage and lowers Magic Defense.
  • Rime Spray: Deals ice damage and inflicts a strong Frost status as well as reductions to all stats.


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