Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enemy
ハグレマチス (Haguremachisu)
FFXIII2 enemy Clematis
HP FFXIII-2 Strength Icon FFXIII-2 Magic Icon
10,759 74 74
Stagger Icon FFXIII Chain Icon FFXIII
170 50
Keep Launch Libra
15 Immune 20
CP Gil
72 162
Fire Icon FFXIII Ice Icon FFXIII Lightning Icon FFXIII
- - -
Wind Icon FFXIII Physical Icon FFXIII Magical Icon FFXIII
- - -
Status resistanceThe lower the number, the more suspectible the enemy is to the status.
Deprotect-ffxiii-icon Deshell-ffxiii-icon Slow-ffxiii-icon Poison-ffxiii-icon Imperil-ffxiii-icon
30% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Curse-ffxiii-icon Pain-ffxiii-icon Fog-ffxiii-icon Debrave-ffxiii-icon Defaith-ffxiii-icon
30% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Daze-ffxiii-icon Wound Death-ffxiii-icon Dispel-ffxiii-icon Provoke-ffxiii-icon
30% - 30% - 30%
Location Yaschas Massif -100 AF- (The Pass of Paddra)
Type Feral Creature
Subtype Stalker
Recruit Chance 10%
Common Drop Mana Sliver (20%)
Rare Drop Rhodochrosite (5%)
Abilities Serial Killer
Notes - Unremarkable.

The Clematis is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Paradigm PackEdit

Clematis gets First Strike at level 58; if any monster with First Strike is in the opening paradigm, then it receives a full ATB bar. First Strike enables the Sprinter ability in Chocobo Racing, giving its owner greater speed in short-distance races. Only Clematis and Chelicerata can infuse First Strike, outside of the DLC-only Ultros.

Tameable Monster
Name Clematis Role Saboteur
Traits Late Bloomer - Strong - Smelly
Composition Biological Start Grade Monster Grade 2
Max Level 70 HP 741
Strength 84 Magic 178
ATB Segments 3 Stages 4
Innate Affinities N/A
Feral Link Biohazard Injection (Deal physical damage and inflict debuffing ailments. Input Type: Multiple)
Ability Type Level Infusible
Imperil II Command Initial N
Wound Command Initial Y
Resist Poison: +10% Passive Initial Y
Resist Poison: +44% Passive 12 Y
Poison II Command 21 N
Deshell II Command 25 N
Resist Poison: +66% Passive 26 Y
Fog II Command 28 N
ATB Advantage Passive 30 Y
Heavy Cursega Command 35 N
Heavy Fogga Command 43 N
First Strike Passive 58 Y
Heavy Imperilga Command 63 N
Heavy Poisonga Command 70 N


Clematis is a genus of about 300 species within the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. Its Japanese name "Haguremachisu" is a play on hagure (fake) and "kuremachisu" (Clematis).

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