FFT F White Mage Portrait
White Mage: Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy! Cure!
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In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, after completing certain conditions, the title of the player's clan will be changed. They do not change anything, and are only for bragging rights.

Titles and their conditionsEdit

Note: Due to there being 47 ranks for Clan Titles, only the top ten are shown.

  • Trufflenose: Gather skill at 70+
  • Godeye: Appraise skill at 70+
  • Defthand: Craft skill at 70+
  • Meister: Smithing skill at 70+
  • Jamagus: Magic skill at 70+
  • Riskbreaker: Combat skill at 70+
  • Super: Clan level at 85+
  • Peerless: Battle count at 500+
  • Master: Clan level at 99+
  • Explorer: Clear 300+ missions

Special titlesEdit

The following four titles are special titles. They are obtained in unique ways that may be missed on a regular play through. As with the other titles, these have no effect on gameplay whatsoever.

  • Baham Faction: Succeed in negotiations during Mission 112-A Challenge
  • Cheap: Succeed in negotiations during Mission 108-Poachers
  • Cheater: Succeed in negotiations during Mission 104-Stolen Scoop or Mission 105 Smuggle Bust
  • Loser: Lose during any of the following missions: L04-Newbie Hunt, L05-Real Hunt, L06-Expert Hunt