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Often magnanimous and occasionally malicious, Celestia serves as the Akatoki Warden, one of the elite members of the kingdom's Five-Star Royal Guard. She hails from an old and distinguished family. Her parents were very strict with her, bringing up their eldest daughter through rigorous education. Celestia rose to the challenge and sailed through with flying colors. Government officials took note of her hard work and selected her for the position of warden. Despite her hardworking nature, though, Celestia will sometimes lose herself in her surroundings, swept up by beautiful scenery or the sound of music. This affable side has won her great popularity among the kingdom's citizens.

Claes Celestia Misca Sancest (クラエス・ホシヒメ・ミスカ・サンセスト, Kuraesu Hoshihime Misuka Sansesuto?) is a supporting character from Final Fantasy Type-0. Celestia has a son named Tonogiri who serves in the Concordian military.



According to the Rubicus, Celestia is 32 years old and 135cm tall.


Soldier of the Five Star Wardens who holds the title of "Dawn Watcher." Celestia displays a fascinating combination of great kindness and severe heartlessness, vacillating often between the two. She hails from an old and prominent Concordian clan. As the oldest of her siblings, she received a strict education and became a hard-working soldier in the Concordian Army, as all eldest daughters were expected to do for the sake of their country. At times she reveals her gentler side by taking walks and getting lost in the beauty of nature. She is popular among the people.
Character Info

She speaks an archaic form of English, which makes use of stressing certain metric in sentences and use of subordinate clauses and cleft sentences where shorter sentences would suffice. She also frequently transposes verbs and subjects to give her manner of speech a Shakespearean poetic feel.

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Celestia is a l'Cie of the Azure Dragon Crystal from the Kingdom of Concordia, her memory restored by Andoria whom she serves as her right hand. Before she became a l'Cie, she gave birth to a son named Tonogiri, whom she raised alone. She is an elite knight of the Akatoki, who protect the kingdom's Peristylium and Andoria. She is very prideful regarding her nation. During her visit to the Akademeia early in the game, she runs into Deuce and asks her for directions.

FFT-0 Celestia versus Machina

Bakurairyu pushing Machina back by using Thunder.

Later, when Andoria is secretly murdered by the Militesi Empire, Celestia accuses Class Zero, wrongly believing that her queen's death was caused by them. Summoning Bakurairyu to knock out Rem Tokimiya and Machina Kunagiri before focusing it on Ace, Celestia cancels her attack when Deuce bravely convinces her to stop and instead give them safe passage outside the city.

After the Concordian King offers his services to Cid Aulstyne, the real mastermind who secretly plotted Andoria's murder, Celestia is sent to lead the Concordians' assault against the Rubrum military as part of Militesi's two-pronged attack. During the battle, informed of Rubrum gaining the advantage, Celestia assumes her Shinryu form to kill off the Class Zero members assigned to the fight. However, Arecia Al-Rashia intervenes with the summoned Bahamut ZERO driving Celestia back.

Celestia was eventually ordered to unseal the Dracobaltians residing in Naraku by the Concordian King, a task she carried out reluctantly. Unfortunately at this time, Tonogiri was defeated and killed by Class Zero in the taking of Mahamayuri. Though devastated by her son's death, she did not let this deter her from her mission.

Eventually, being the only remaining l'Cie in the world, Celestia goes against the Azure Dragon Crystal's design and helps Class Zero reach Cid as he invokes Finis. Though part of her cannot forgive Class Zero, Celestia also knew that Andoria had seen her death and followed through with it out of hope. After leaving Class Zero with the parting words that they should not fear death and follow their own path, she assumes her Shinryu form to fly ahead of them to avenge Andoria. The Rubicus states that she turns into a wyvern cie'th for oppsing her Crystal's will and Celestia dies when her Phantoma is absorbed by the newly transformed Cid with her crystallized body sent falling into the abyss below the site of the final battle.


Main article: Shinryu Celestia

Though she can summon dragons to fight her battles, Celestia can use her l'Cie powers to transform into Shinryu Celestia. With the right amount of skill it is possible to defeat Shinryu Celestia without having to resort to Bahamut Zero.


Celestia is voiced by Nana Mizuki in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Type-0.

In the English version of Final Fantasy Type-0, Celestia is voiced by Kim Mai Guest, who also voiced Alyssa Zaidelle in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Celestia appears in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game on two cards: depicted with he official render with the Concordian flag in the background, and with an artwork of her. The cards are part of the "Aqua" set.



"Celestia" means "heavenly" in Latin. Her Japanese name, (星姫, Hoshihime?), can be translated in English as "star princess".

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