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The City Walls are a group of locations within Leá Monde in Vagrant Story. The walls were built to protect the city from attack, but now that Leá Monde has been abandoned, the walls too have fallen into ruin. The City Walls are actually four different very small locations in the game. City Walls West connects the Town Center West to the Abandoned Mines B2, South connects the Town Center South to the Town Center West, the Snowfly Forest, and the Keep, East connects the Town Center South to the Undercity West and to the Snowfly Forest East, and North connects the Town Center South to the Undercity East.

These areas are notable for not having any treasure, Magic Circles, or Work Shops of any kind.


A location in the City Walls

Enemies Edit

West Edit

The Gabled Hall Edit

East Edit

The Squire's Gathering Edit

The Dream Weavers Edit

South Edit

Swords For the Land Edit

Where Weary Riders Rest Edit

North Edit

From Squire To Knight Edit

Destruction and Rebirth Edit

First visit:

All later visits:

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