Hmph... You who thirst for power, this should suit you.
—Max Trust Mastery

Veritas of the Light, real name Citra, is an antagonist and obtainable vision in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is Sakura's older sister and the sixth member of the Sworn Six of Paladia who debuts in the Mysidia chapter.

Veritas of the Light's Trust Master reward is the Sworn Six's Pride - Light special ability.



Veritas of the Light has a similar appearance to that of Sakura: fair skin, long pink hair and white clothes. She looks more mature and her hair is untied, unlike Sakura's who keeps hers in twin ponytails. Her suit of armor is white with a dark green cape irregularly shaped in strands. Her suit has several bladed and horn-like protrusions of varying designs and she has a bladed horn on her helmet. While wearing the suit of armor her hands can become handcannons, revealing wide brown barrels.

Under her suit of armor she wears a long white robe with widened sleeves and pink boots and white socks. Her clothing has several golden borders. She wears a horned accessory on her head.


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Veritas of the Light has different angles to her personality. While at the service of Aldore, she was dedicated and kind, worrying over her sister and holding romantic feelings for the original Veritas of the Dark. When both Dark and her sister defected the Sworn Eight, Citra was resentful, hating them as traitors, no longer seeing Sakura as a sibling and carrying a murderous grudge against Sophia, the one she blames for taking the target of her feelings away from her.

This hatred motivates much of Citra's actions, and like the rest of her comrades, she seeks to destroy the world. She is the most aggressive member of the now-Sworn Six, but beneath the surface she is an emotionally broken individual who clings to revenge, following the betrayal of her country leaders and the departure of her loved ones.

Later on, as a result of interactions with Nichol, Citra moves on from her vengeful quest, developing an interest on the young man that turn into affection forming a rivalry with Folka over him, although Nichol is not romantically interested in her.

She also begins to heal her relationship with Sakura and the two are closer. Despite the two being fully grown adults chronologically speaking, Citra does in a sense still see Sakura as a child as she dreams of patting her head again as she used to do long ago, and was flustered when Sakura did it to her.


5★ - No. 0600: "One of the Sworn Six of Paladia who encountered Rain and his friends while they journeyed through Mysidia. Veritas of the Light is extremely proud, and her motivation for realizing the group's ambitions is far greater than that of any other member. After learning that Rain has joined Sakura's cause, she displays a deep resentment for the young knight and ruthlessly attacks him. The intensity of her feelings was such that it manifested into a vision, although she does not pride herself on this."
6★ - No. 0601: "One of the Sworn Six of Paladia who encountered Rain and his friends while they journeyed through Mysidia. Not only is Veritas of the Light Sakura's older sister, but she also seems to have a connection with Sir Raegen, Rain's father. Once a warrior of noble intentions long ago, it wasn't until a certain event occurred that her purity turned into furious resentment. She regrets that her own feelings manifested into a vision of herself."
—Entries for different versions of Veritas of the Light.

Citra along with her sister Sakura lived in the world of Paladia until war broke out and the world was split into two factions: the Aldore and the Hess. She and her sister were loyal to Aldore and served as two of the faction's main lieutenants as part of the original Sworn Eight of Paladia. During her service she grew close to the original Veritas of the Dark and secretly held feelings for him.

Through unknown circumstances she along with several inhabitants and locations from Paladia was transported into the world of Lapis. During their life there both the original Veritas of the Dark and Sakura defected the group preferring peaceful lives in Lapis. This came as a shock for Citra who saw it as treason and hated her sister to the point of not considering her a sibling while cursing Sophia as the one who led Dark astray. Under the leadership of a new Veritas of the Dark the group reformed as the Sworn Six of Paladia.

Veritas of the Light discusses plans with Veritas of the Earth, who asks Light if "he" can be sensed. Light affirms, and that "they" seem to have hidden the Crystal long ago, and that another reunion with "them" would be most unfortunate. Earth warns Light that it matters not who she is, but if she gets moved by "foolish emotions" Earth will kill her. Light claims to have discarded her emotions except hatred and asks if Earth is capable of keeping his cool when it comes down to Fina. The two march towards Mysidia.

Earth and Light ambush Rain's party at the Nameless Ruins where the Crystal of Light resides. Sakura greets them and is stricken down by Light who is more powerful than Sakura remembers. Light chastises Sakura as a traitor and that she shall make her pay for having abandoned the armor and their ranks. The party tries to help but Veritas of the Earth uses a quaking attack that ejects them from the Crystal Chamber. When Veritas of the Earth confronts them, Light temporarily blinds them, giving Earth the chance to transfer a part of his powers onto Fina to revert her into Dark Fina. Sakura does not want to risk Fina being destroyed and teleports away with Rain's party, believing it better for them to survive and protect the last Crystal. Veritas of the Light does not care as she is confident they will find the last Crystal regardless and proceeds to destroy the Light Crystal.

As the resurrection of Dark Fina has caused the other Fina to disappear into the former's mind with the risk of vanishing for good, the party goes to the Magic Library to save her and enter Dark Fina's memories to find the source of what endangers Fina and prevent her destruction. Delving into her memories the party learns about the war between Aldore and Hess and meets the original members of the Sworn Eight. The Earth and Light of Fina's memory world exchange greetings with Veritas of the Dark and Rain's party, the latter who are surprised how different the Veritas are. Dark rejoices at finding his two comrades as they can now fight the forces of Hess. Earth senses Dark Fina is approaching, causing Light to worry that her sister doesn't have the strength to oppose her and the group marches into battle.

The party is forced to leave Fina's psyche as the Library is attacked by monsters summoned by Veritas of the Light in the real world. Rain tries to plead with her, saying they witnessed the events 700 years ago and that the Veritas were good at heart, and asks what made her take on so much hatred. Light recognizes Rain as Raegen's son, and elaborates that he betrayed their homeworld and hurt her feelings, cursing Rain's mother Sophia as the cause. Rain tries to ask what she means, but filled with rage she assaults them along with a pack of Kaiser Behemoths. The party defeats her and her suit of armor falls, revealing Light to be Sakura's sister.

Veritas of the Light is disgusted and considers no family bond with a traitor. She tries to attack but is too injured and is easily blocked by Sakura who tells her enraged sister to give up. Light scoffs at her wounds as insignificant compared to the humiliation she has had to endure, and summons her armor back and stands up for more fighting. Rain asks why she knows his mother, and Light reveals that his father Raegen was the Veritas of the Dark who betrayed their cause due to Rain's mother's influence. The revelation leaves the party flabbergasted, as they have met Veritas of the Dark who was loyal to the Veritas' goal, making them realize that another has taken on the moniker. Light decides that they have no need to know and begins to unleash the magical power she has been concentrating. Dark Fina attempts to deal with it but is unable to use any power, so Sakura takes action instead as Light unleashes a powerful magical explosion.

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Boss Edit

Veritas of the Light commands the element of Light, using attacks such as Banishga, Divine Shot, Holy and Ultima. She removes any debuffs placed on her with Negation before attacking and can use Blowback to strike the entire party. She can kill the party if not prepared with the proper equips or buffs to bolster defenses, especially if she uses Divine Punishment to increase her damage output.

For the second battle she is faced two times in a row, without rest. She must be weakened to critical values to trigger a scene where Light will fully restore her HP and summon two Aldore Soldiers who can be dispatched easily through group-damaging attacks, but who can inflict Stat Breaks.

Since Light protection is rare, the party should use regular buffs like Shellga, Protectga or those provided by Rain's Leadership. Veritas of the Light is weak to Dark, so mages with Bioga or stronger Dark-elemental attacks can inflict good damage against her. Since she is fought after another boss (a Kaiser Behemoth in the first encounter, and herself in the second), which can leave the party depleted of HP or MP before finishing Light, items are recommended, preferably a supply of Elixirs or MP-restorative items for healers and buffers.

A good strategy is to inflict Stat Breaks (preferably at the beginning of every turn to maximize damage in case of defensive breaks), even if they will be dispelled by Negation so Veritas of the Light wastes a move, giving the party more room for survival as it will prevent Light from buffing herself or attacking thrice. Sakura has defensive buffs for this battle, but even those do not a guarantee survival.

Veritas of the Light can be inflicted with Blind, Poison and Paralysis. Blind is not too important since she mostly uses magic, but Poison and Paralysis are useful. The former will eat through 10% of Light's HP and the latter will give the player some breathing room. Poison can be inflicted through Bioga, a Dark-elemental spell, which doubles as a weakness for her.

Unit Assessment Edit

Veritas of the Light Edit

Veritas of the Light's role is Hybrid Damage. Her Trust Master Reward, Sworn Six's Pride - Light, increases HP, MAG and reduces the chances of being targeted.

Veritas of the Light's ability focuses on inflicting Hybrid Damage, although her arsenal is more geared towards MAG and she can use some high level spells. Although limited to the Light element, in terms of raw power alone, she is a rather strong unit. She capitalizes on her damage by decreasing the Light Resistance of enemies and increasing ATK/MAG for the party.

Her passives aid her with some status ailment immunities, Gun/Throwing Dual Wielding, ATK/MAG increase when using those weapons and License to Kill, which grants increased damage against multiple enemy types. Although the equipment selection that works best for her is rather limited and often found via Trust Master Rewards, those that do work for her, provide her enough boosts to keep her damage high. Otherwise using her with more common hybrid weapons like swords or rods do still work to an extent even if it misses some innate boosts.

Her Limit Burst, Dawn of Judgment, inflicts great Light Damage to all enemies and greatly decreases their DEF/SPR. She can use White and Black Magic up to Lvl. 8.

Citra Edit

As Citra her mechanics are much different as she is a Summoner. She has an array of abilities that allow her to fill the Esper Gauge and fulfill other roles, like damage reduction. She has multiple abilities that consume the Esper Gauge and can restore MP to the party, or deal major Evoke Damage to enemies, which focus on her MAG and SPR for damage. One of her most notorious moves is Holy Mind, which deals damage, heals the party and fills the Esper Gauge all at the same time, as Holy Mind has the advantage of being able to chain with the Divine Ruination frame family, she has ample chain partners.

Her passive abilities focus on increasing her EVO MAG, thus boosting damage of Evoke abilities and Esper invocation attacks, boost her MAG and SPR and even allow her to dual wield Staves and Rods and gain further MAG/SPR boosts by doing so.

Although by no means a groundbreaking unit, Citra is serviceable and slot efficient for multitude of roles she can fulfill.

Her Limit Burst, which is CG animated, inflicts large Evoke damage heavily debuffs elemental resistances to all enemies.


Veritas of the Light's stats at her highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:

Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits Drop Check*(Maximum LB crystals drop per hit)
5★ 80 2726 (+300) 138 (+50) 109 (+20) 102 (+20) 109 (+20) 107 (+20) 5 2 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
6★ 100 3544 (+450) 180 (+75) 139 (+30) 120 (+30) 139 (+30) 136 (+30) 5 2 FFBE Limit Burst crystal


Ability Level
Holy 45
Divine 30
Charge 30
Negation 70
SPR +10%*(Passive) 12
Eternity*(Passive) 20
Auto-Regen*(Passive) 48
MP +20%*(Passive) 56
Light Retribution*(Passive) 66
Dual Shooter*(Passive) 80
Ability Level
Ultima 50
Blowback 64
Damnation 95
Divine Shot 100
Splendor*(Passive) 1
MAG +30%*(Passive) 8
HP +20%*(Passive) 25
Auto-Refresh*(Passive) 36
Noble Gunner*(Passive) 72
License to Kill*(Passive) 87
Ability Level
Light Retribution Activated by Light Retribution passive
Saint Buster Activated by Damnation


Veritas of the Light can equip the following weapons: swords, rods, throwing and guns.

She can equip the following armors: helms, light armors and heavy armors.

She can equip accessories.

Limit BurstsEdit

Rarity Name Effect Hits Cost
5★ Dawn of Judgment Base (Level 1): Light hybrid damage (10x) to all enemies. Decrease DEF/SPR (40%) for 3 turns to all enemies.
Max (Level 20): Light hybrid damage (10.95x) to all enemies. Decrease DEF/SPR (59%) for 3 turns to all enemies.
16 16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
6★ Dawn of Judgment Base (Level 1): Light hybrid damage (11x) to all enemies. Decrease DEF/SPR (50%) for 3 turns to all enemies.
Max (Level 25): Light hybrid damage (12.2x) to all enemies. Decrease DEF/SPR (74%) for 3 turns to all enemies.
19 20 FFBE Limit Burst crystal

Awakening MaterialsEdit

Calamity Writ x20
Calamity Gem x10
Prismatic Horn x10
Rainbow Bloom x5
Divine Crystal x5


Rarity Summoned Fused Awoken
5★ Why have I become one of these visions...? I've no need for charity! Do not make fun of me! -
6★ Visions... How provocative... So you intend on controlling me too, do you? I have no plans of becoming friendly with any of you! Why do you grant me power? Is it out of pity for me?



Veritas is Latin for "truth."


  • Citra's clothing without the suit of armor is reminiscent to the Summoner attire. This is quite fitting given she regularly summons Visions. In her normal form her abilities are those of a Summoner.
  • She is the only Veritas to not be fought as a boss while empowered.