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Shuriken (Female)
Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura
AKA name input by player
Japanese Name 手裏剣 (女)
Romaji Shuriken (Onna)
Weapon Rekka
Birthplace Unknown
Japanese Voice Actor Asumi Nakata
English Voice Actor Carrie Savage
Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- character
Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none. They don't symbolize monsters.
—Cissnei in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Cissnei, known as Shuriken (Female) (real name chosen by player) in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, is a playable female Turk from Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- and supporting character in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. As her name in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- implies, her chosen weapon is a large shuriken, called "Rekka", that returns to its wielder when thrown and can be augmented with Materia.

Initially an additional player character first appearing in Episode 18 of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Shuriken (Female) reappears as a prominent support character in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- where she is given a name, albeit admittedly not her real name, and further characterization. Shuriken (Female) is the only playable Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- Turk to be seen in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Oh, how generous! Well, Tseng, Zack, I gotta go.

Cissnei has shoulder-length wavy dark-red hair and brown eyes. Cissnei wears the standard Turk uniform of a white undershirt, a black suit with a black tie, a pair of black fingerless gloves and a pair of black boots with black shoelaces. In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, during a break period in Costa del Sol, Cissnei wears a white and yellow swimsuit.

Cissnei is strong of body and mind, and takes it upon herself to look after the other Turks, especially the junior members. She is perceived as quiet and motivated by her job. While she's cold-hearted and focused, she does show remorse. Cissnei is reserved and keeps her poise thus keeping relations at a professional level.

Cissnei's loyalty to the Shinra Electric Power Company and the Turks in particular is unquestionable. Having been raised by them, she came to realize that while the company has done questionable things, they have also brought progress to the lives of countless people and supports the company because of this.


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As a young girl, Cissnei was discovered in an orphanage, was raised and trained to become a Turk. Encouraged to believe everyone's a potential enemy, she took her training seriously and became the youngest member ever to join the Turks. Her colleagues reformed her life views, particularly her paranoia, allowing her to realize not everyone is against her.

The Genesis WarEdit


Cissnei versus Genesis Copies.

Cissnei is in Midgar during an attack launched by Genesis Copies, along with Reno, Rude, and Tseng. Soon after her first meeting with SOLDIER member Zack Fair, she faces off against a Genesis Copy, but Zack defeats the Copy before it had a chance to finish Cissnei off. She reveals to Zack that when she was little, she wanted to have wings, and that they symbolize freedom. During a Digital Mind Wave scene, Cissnei encounters Zack in one of the Midgar upper plates trying to locate Dr. Hollander and it is her idea to split up and look for him.

When Zack returns to Shinra Headquarters, Cissnei is one of the topic of conversation among some 2nd and 3rd Class SOLDIER members who talk about whom they think is the hottest woman in Midgar. Zack can choose between Aerith, Cissnei and himself as his answer. If the player chooses Cissnei the 2nd Class SOLDIER will remark she looks good in the black suit and how fun it would be with her in Costa del Sol.

Cissnei at Costa del Sol

Cissnei at Costa del Sol.

Cissnei goes on vacation in Costa del Sol with Zack, and Tseng after Genesis has been defeated in Modeoheim. Her true job, however, is to keep an eye on Zack who has been sent to the beach resort to have some time off. Their "vacation" is cut short when Genesis Copies appear and attack cities, including Junon. She arrives there with Zack and Tseng, and leave Zack to deal with the Copies while Cissnei and Tseng move to a higher level. Zack finds Cissnei later, and discovers he has a fan club. Although Zack doesn't know it, Cissnei is a member and provides information under the codename, "Black Suit". When Hollander has been cornered, Cissnei runs past Zack along with Tseng attempting to stop him from being flown away by Genesis Copies, but they are too late and Dr. Hollander escapes.

Combating AVALANCHEEdit


The Turks meet at the hospital.

With the Player Turk rendered comatose due to injuries and Mako poisoning and the Turks' former leader Veld having deserted to pursue his daughter, Tseng is made the leader of Turks and instructed to link with the Turks' secondary division to bolster numbers. Three years after the destruction the Corel reactor, Cissnei and Katana (Male), having been brought over from the secondary division, stand by in witness as the comatose Turk awakens.

Pursuing two research samples that had escaped from the Nibelheim Mansion, Cissnei finds herself in competition with the Shinra army to locate them. While searching the Nibelheim forest, she questions why the Turks are hunting the subjects whom they were partially responsible for imprisoning in the mansion four years previously.


Cissnei confronts Zack.

Coming across the escapees on the beach, Cissnei discovers the escapees are the former SOLDIER member Zack and a former Shinra infantryman Cloud Strife. Conflicted, Cissnei attempts to do her duty and capture Zack, but after seeing the extent of damage Shinra's experiments have done to Cloud, she reports Zack is no longer in the forest and lets him go, handing him keys to a motorcycle with a sidecar (presumably hers) to assist in his escape. Cissnei returns to Nibelheim to investigate the mansion where Veld is found poring through the mansion's archives.

Conflict with ShinraEdit

Cissnei appears in Gongaga Village where she tells Zack that Angeal has been sighted, and that she left the Turks for a while, and would return to them soon. Cissnei says Zack has great parents who are worried he will never find a wife. Cissnei states she was raised by Shinra. As Zack prepares to leave, he asks her to keep his parents company, and says they will probably ask her to join the family, but she states it already happened. As Zack shouts her name, "Cissnei", she tells him that is not her real name.


Cissnei embarking to rescue Zack.

When the fugitives Zack and Cloud are relocated, the Turks, although now near-fugitives themselves, attempt a Priority-S retrieval attempt. After some final orders from Tseng, Cissnei joins her coworkers in the search, citing she had yet to tell Zack her real name and thus must find and save him. The rescue mission fails as Cissnei and the other Turks are unable to get to the fugitive pair before the Shinra military does.

In BattleEdit

Equipment and StatsEdit

Main article: List of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- Weapons#Shurikens

Each Turk has a weapon particular to him or her. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- weapon upgrades can be purchased using RP (Rank Points) gained from completing missions. The weapon's attacks can take on elemental attributes by slotting appropriate Materia into the weapon.


Stat Initial Level up Level 99
RP 1,000
HP 200 +70 7060
MP 120 +7 806
Attack 20 +2 216
Defense 30 +1 128
Magic 5.5

Creation and DevelopmentEdit


Cissnei first appeared in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- as one of the myriad unnamed Turk members the player could choose. Her role is expanded on in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- where she is the only Turk who had previously only appeared in Before Crisis to appear. As the player can name Cissnei in Before Crisis, she never reveals her true name to Zack.

During development of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, "Tian" was considered as an alternate codename for Cissnei.[1]

While any of the Player Turks can be chosen for Episode 19 and pursue Zack and Cloud as they escape the Nibelheim Mansion, the Turk whose encounter with them is considered canon is Cissnei, due to events in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.


Carrie Savage as Cissnei
"Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none"
Trouble with the audio sample?

In the English release of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Cissnei is voiced by Carrie Savage. She is voiced by Asumi Nakata in the Japanese release.

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Other AppearancesEdit

On the Way to a SmileEdit

While not specified by name, many of the Turks who had gone into hiding following the battle against Zirconiade reappear during the events of Final Fantasy VII as specified in the chapter, Case of Shinra. During Meteorfall, the Turks and Veld return to assist in the evacuation of Midgar and, following the Meteor's destruction, the Turks return to the lives they had obtained in their exile, but also work to gather intelligence on the current state of the Planet from their respective locations; sending the information to Veld who in turn offers it to Tseng when required.

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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In Popular CultureEdit

Dead FantasyEdit

For more information, see Dead Fantasy Wiki: Cissnei.


Kasumi, Cissnei and Tifa in Dead Fantasy: Gee.

Cissnei has appeared in the two Dead Fantasy music videos where she is seen in the swimsuit she wore in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- while on vacation in Costa Del Sol with Zack Fair.

In Dead Fantasy Obsessed, she performs the song "Obsessed" by Mariah Carey with Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII and Kasumi from the Dead or Alive videogame series as her back-up dancers. In Dead Fantasy Gee, she sings and dances along with Tifa, Kasumi, Yuna, Ayane, Rikku, Hitomi, Rinoa Heartilly, and Kairi performing "Gee" from Girls' Generation. Her singing voice is provided by Tiffany.



Cissnei may be derived from "cisne", the Portuguese and Spanish word for "swan".


  • In Special Episode Reno, Cissnei's assignment to keep surveillance on Zack is first revealed.


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