Cindy Aurum is the head mechanic of the Hammerhead garage in Final Fantasy XV. She services the player's car, the Regalia, and can customize and upgrade it. She is the granddaughter of Cid Sophiar, who owns the Hammerhead. Cid is a recurring name in the Final Fantasy series for an older man who often has an engineering background or something to do with airships. Cindy's Japanese name is "Cidney", reflecting the connection.




Cindy Aurum.

Cindy is a slender woman with short, curly blond hair and olive green eyes. She wears a red cap with yellow outlines and a logo with the words "HAMMER HEAD" and "FULL SERVICE STATION" and black goggles which she hangs around her neck when not using them. Cindy wears a cropped yellow jacket that reveals her stomach zipped a few inches under her breasts, and an orange bikini top with deep décolletage. She wears jeans shorts with a brown belt loosely hanging around her hips, thigh-high black stockings, white high boots on heels, and brown gloves.

In the English localization, she speaks in Southern American English.


Cindy is upbeat, driven, and always enthusiastic about her work. She is passionate about cars and fascinated with technology that originates from the crown city, which has been isolated from the rest of Lucis for thirty years. Despite having had a rough childhood, she is optimistic and friendly to everyone. Despite having many admirers, she doesn't have much interest for dating, and is noted to being "married to her work".


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Cindy was raised by her grandfather after her parents died. Life on the outlands of Lucis has not been easy with the war with Niflheim going on, but she always remains in high spirits. She once witnessed daemons attack a car whose passengers were killed, an event that greatly affected her. She wishes technology from the crown city would be more widespread to help those who live on the outlands.


Prompto and Cindy.

Prince Noctis's party first encounters Cindy when their car breaks down in Leide. Cindy is instantly taken with the Regalia, a custom made vehicle of crown city-make. The car is left in her care for the repairs, and after the work is done Noctis continues to Galdin Quay, happy to deliver something for Cindy along the way as thanks. Noctis's friend Prompto has a crush on her, and asks Noctis to help him take a picture of her from a hill overlooking Hammerhead. He vows to propose to her once the adventure is over.

Cindy's true passion is helping service the Regalia, however. She will tow the car for the party if they are in need, and finds various ways to upgrade it if Noctis comes up with the required materials.

After the party loses the Regalia, Cindy tries to track it down. Days later, she calls Noctis to let them know the car has been taken to an Imperial base. Noctis and his friends infiltrate it to reclaim their vehicle. Cindy has friends in Lestallum who work as engineers, and asks Noctis to retrieve Mythril ore for them. Her friend Holly, who befriends the party, helps treat the Mythril ore free of charge, saying that Cindy promised to take Holly out instead.


Cindy with Holly and Noctis's party at the Assassin's Festival.

Cindy comes to meet Holly during the Assassin's Festival in Lestallum, and bumps into Noctis's party. Holly is impressed Cindy knows her best hunters, and Cindy tells Holly Noctis's party are her best customers at Hammerhead. When the imperial general Loqi Tummelt comes to town however, he takes over the power plant and takes Holly captive. Cindy begs Noctis's party to save her, insisting to help despite them telling her it would be dangerous, as Noctis can't use his power of kings as long as the Wallbreaker Wave is in effect.

After Noctis collects enough key cards to gain access to the power plant, Cindy and one of Noctis's party members head inside where she dismantles the Wallbreaker Wave generator, granting Noctis the power to drive Loqi and his infantry out of Lestallum. Cindy and Holly meet with Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto in town, and Cindy is relieved everything worked out for the best.

Cindy still runs the garage ten years after the Starscourge plunged the world into darkness. Hammerhead became a pit stop for many hunters stopping by her garage, and Prompto still harbors a crush on her.

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Cindy refuels the Regalia.

If the player refuels the Regalia at Hammerhead, Cindy will fill up the tank and also wipe down the Regalia to clean it. If the player needs to have the car towed or have the car delivered to them while in the open world, Cindy will do it.

Talking to her at Hammerhead lets the player service or customize their car. The car can only be serviced if it is damaged. If the car is damaged when driven by Ignis (not supposed to happen, but still possible), the option to service it may not be available; the player can purposefully bump the car when driving manually and then return to Cindy to get it fixed.

The customize option lets the player choose a new color for the car exterior, interior, and wheels, and to add modifications to the car to, for example, improve its fuel efficiency.


Gladiolus: "Seems like we have become Cindy's personal errand boys."
Prompto: "Yeah. Isn't it great?"

— The party leaving Hammerhead after getting a new quest from Cindy, Final Fantasy XV

Cindy sends the party out to various quests for items that can be used on the Regalia.

The Ever Valorous RegaliaCleigneComplete "The Ever Gleaming Regalia"1,000 EXP, Supercharger component
The Ever Gleaming RegaliaDuscaeComplete "The Ever Elegant Regalia"600 EXP, Fiberglass Coating component
Into Unknown FrontiersFormouth GarrisonComplete "The Ever Illustrious Regalia" and "Formouth Garrison" and reach Chapter 15Regalia Type-F
The Ever Regal RegaliaLeideReach Chapter 02 and complete "The Power of Kings"150 EXP, Aero Wax component
The Ever Elegant RegaliaBalouve MinesComplete "The Ever Regal Regalia"500 EXP, Hammerhead decal, Racing Stripes I decal, Basic Color Samples
The Ever Illustrious RegaliaCrestholm ChannelsComplete "The Ever Valorous Regalia"3,000 EXP, Enhanced Headlights components

Creation and development

Cindy Darker Hair Art 2

Concept artwork of Cindy.

Cindy was designed by Roberto Ferrari.[1] Cindy's first version had her breasts jiggle so much director Hajime Tabata wanted to tone it down.[2] A lot of feedback from Europe on the Episode Duscae demo was that Cindy was "too sexy." Director Hajime Tabata responded that Cindy was not meant to be an erotic character, but energetic and outgoing, and he didn't want to change the current concept. He talked about moderating the way she's presented, rather than covering her up.[3]


Cindy is voiced by Yu Shimamura in the Japanese version.

She is voiced by Erin Matthews in the English version.

Other appearances

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae - Wheeling & Dealing Pay Cindy for Regalia "For Cid" Chat Cutscene02:45

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae - Wheeling & Dealing Pay Cindy for Regalia "For Cid" Chat Cutscene

Cindy in Episode Duscae

The scenario presented in the demo is not in the final game, but is loosely based on the Chapter 5 where the party has temporarily lost its car. Cindy found at Coernix Station - Alstor where she will repair the Regalia that Prompto crashed. She requires 25,000 gil for the service, and the demo ends after the player returns to her with the money.

The interactions with the party and Cindy are depicted in a somewhat different tone than in the final game. Gladiolus and Prompto both act flirty toward her, but she deflects their advances. In the final game, only Prompto appears attracted to her, and never makes it overtly known to her, only desiring to help her. A lot of feedback from Europe on the Episode Duscae demo was that Cindy was "too sexy."[3]

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire


Cindy appears as a guide to the player.[4]

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances

Blue Reflection

Cindy's outfit appears in Blue Reflection as downloadable content for Raimu Shijo.



Cindy's Play Arts Kai.

Cindy's Play Arts -Kai- will release August 2017. It comes with the Cindy figure and a toolbox. Figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts. Figure Size (inches): W 4.6" x D 2.3" x H 11"



Cindy is a feminine given name, the shortened version of Cynthia. Cynthia is a feminine given name of Greek origin meaning "from Mount Cynthus".

Her Japanese name is Cidney. Cidney is an English feminine name, a variation of the surname Sidney, and a reference to the recurring name of Cid.

Aurum is Latin for "gold".



Moogle doll in Cindy's truck.

  • Cindy has a moogle toy in her yellow Hammerhead truck.
  • The game has a special Cindy skinFFXV Regalia Cindy for the party's car.
  • If the player lodges at the caravan at Hammerhead, Cindy sometimes joins the party when they sit outside.
  • Cindy could be seen sitting in her towtruck in the Final Fantasy XV: Comrades beta.
  • There is a drawing of CindyCid-Takka-Cindy-Drawing-FFXV with Takka and Cid in Takka's diner. It was drawn by the artist in Altissia.

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