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Cindy Aurum is a character in Final Fantasy XV. She introduces herself to the party as the head mechanic, much like the recurring character from the series, Cid, who in this installment is her grandfather. She will pop up in different places as after a shaking experience she begins moving around the world. She is important because of her profession as a mechanic, and is more involved the story than most realize.



Cindy is a slender woman with short, curly blond hair and olive green eyes. She wears a red cap with yellow outlines and a logo with the words "HAMMER HEAD" and "FULL SERVICE STATION" and black goggles which she hangs around her neck when not using them. Cindy wears a cropped yellow jacket that reveals her stomach zipped a few inches under her breasts, and an orange bikini top with deep décolletage. She wears jeans shorts with a brown belt loosely hanging around her hips, thigh-high black stockings, white high boots on heels, and brown gloves.


The player first encounters Cindy when their car breaks down in Leide, and after fixing it up, she will continually interact with the party and appear in bits and pieces of the main story. Speaking to her allows for her to repair the damage caused by car crashes, and customize the appearance of the Regalia. She is the only character in the game with the ability to perform these functions.

Prompto has a crush on her, and asks Noctis to help him take a picture of her from a hill overlooking Hammerhead. He vows to propose to her once the adventure is over.

She also has friends in Lestallum who work as engineers, and asks Noctis to retrieve Mythril ore for them.

Creation and development

Cindy was designed by Roberto Ferrari.[3] Cindy's first version had her breasts jiggle so much director Hajime Tabata wanted to tone it down.[4] A lot of feedback from Europe on the Episode Duscae demo was that Cindy was "too sexy." Director Hajime Tabata responded that Cindy was not meant to be an erotic character, but energetic and outgoing, and he didn't want to change the current concept. He talked about moderating the way she's presented, rather than covering her up.[5]



Cindy is a feminine given name, the shortened version of Cynthia. Cynthia is a feminine given name of Greek origin meaning "from Mount Cynthus".

Her Japanese name is Cidney referring to the recurring character Cid, who is her grandfather in Final Fantasy XV.

Aurum is Latin for "gold".



Moogle doll in Cindy's truck.

  • In Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, Cindy has a moogle toy in her yellow Hammerhead truck.
  • The game will have a special Cindy skinFFXV Regalia Cindy for the party's car.


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