Cindy is an optional boss in Final Fantasy X. She is first summoned by Belgemine at Remiem Temple and she fights alongside her sisters Sandy and Mindy, and is the second most troublesome of the group, as she offers support to the other two with spells such as Mighty Guard and Cura.

She should be saved for last, however, as Mindy is the most dangerous of the group and Sandy hits rather hard with her physical attacks. Cindy's special attack is Camisade. To execute this, she drops to the ground when suddenly a massive hydro pump sends her to the air. She then falls with all her weight heavily damaging the foe. Possible meaning of Camisade is the surprise attack in nightfall or daybreak, when the enemy is unaware.

If the player acquires the Magus Sisters as aeons during their playthrough, Cindy will be fought as part of the game's final battles as well.


Remiem Temple


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