Ciel: The Departure of Chocobo is the eleventh episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 11

Ciel: The Departure of Chocobo

Story DetailEdit


The episode opens with Ai, Chobi, Lisa and Yu arriving at their next destination; a massive open meadow of some kind. After a few moments, the children conclude there is nothing here. As they do so, Chobi seems to notice something in the distance and Lisa informs the others she can sense an animal's energy from that direction.

After a few moments, a herd of chocobo's charge over the horizon.

Episode 11 Chocobos

The chocobos defeat the monster.


The party quickly discovers the herd is being chased by a mushroom monster.

Lisa swiftly defeats the creature, but before they can flee Chobi attacks the stunned beast. As the creature begins to awaken, the herd of chocobo attack the creature together. As the dust settles it appears the chocobo herd has pummeled the creature into nothing. Chobi returns to the group just as an old woman riding a chocobo appears. The woman comments on Chobi and the strength of his kick, likening it to a "Ciel". After recognizing Yu's feather, she gives her name as Chocoimo, Chocobaba's younger sister.


Episode 11 Chobi Leaves

Chobi leaves the group.

After spending the day with the chocobos and Chocoimo, Lisa questions her as to if she has seen the children's parents. She says she has not, as they have been running from monsters a lot more than usual lately.

As the group is about to leave, Chocoimo warns them of Omega, suggesting that it is still alive and causing great destruction. After a brief conversation, the topic returns to Ciel. Chocoimo reveals that Ciel is a legendary Chocobo that is able to outrun any other Chocobo.

Before any more questions can be answered, Chobi's watch begins to chime, signaling the departure of the train. Before the group can farewell Chocoimo, she and her herd take off. After a moment, Yu realizes that Chobi wishes to stay with the herd and tells him to do so. After a brief moment, Chobi departs.


Episode 11 Ciel Chobi

Chobi arrives as the Great Ciel.

Back on the train, the trio arrive at a station in a gorge. A few moments after they stop, a new part of Omega appears and attacks them. As Crux watches from overhead, Omega destroys the station, sending the train plummeting into darkness and separating Yu from Ai and Lisa.

Realizing they can not reach Yu, who is unconscious, Lisa and Ai begin to panic, until they see Kaze in the cliffs above them. Despite Ai begging him to help them, Kaze does not activate the Magun, nor does he seem to be able to do so.

The feather Ai wears seems to signal Chobi, who is still with the herd, resting near something Chocoimo claims is the Ciel ruins. Chobi finds a marking on one of the stone surrounding the ruins in the shape of his foot. When he places his foot on the mark, a mass of light engulfs Chobi.

Back in the gorge, just as Yu is about to be hit by one of Omega's attacks, a white flash appears and carries him to safety. Lisa notices that it is a Chocobo in some kind of armor that saved Yu. Yu, regaining consciousness on the chocobo's back realizes that it is Chobi he is riding.

As the group reunites, the Magun begins to respond. As Chobi takes the others to safety, Kaze summons Titan; a giant of comparable size to Omega's piece. Titan holds Omega back as Chobi takes the others aboard the subway.


On the train, Chobi reveals, via Yu, that he can only transform for short periods of time. Lisa wonders as to the status of Kaze, but Yu dismisses the thought saying that he's always fine.


Another new combination of Soil is seen in this episode:

The protecting earth that makes even the heavens cry/The solid earth that protects - Gaia Brown

The hidden quiet passion/The hidden silence of passion - Deep Vermillion

The everlasting vitality of life/From the eternal vitality of life - Evergreen

"Smash, I summon you, Titan" -Kaze

It summons, Titan, a giant gladiator-like robot that gets giant rock from the ground and uses it smash into enemies.