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Final Fantasy IVEdit


FF4PSPBattle Cid

Cid is a physical fighter, and equips bow and arrows, hammers, axes, shields, helmets, armor, gloves, and tunics. With the exception of the 3D release, Cid's hammers are two-handed weapons and thus he cannot equip shields while wielding one.

Cid's magic stats are the worst in the game, gaining no MP in any version.


FFIVDS Analyze

Cid using Analyze (DS).

Cid's ability is Analyze, also known as Peep and Scan, which functions identically to the White Magic spell Libra, displaying an enemy's HP, MP, level, and weaknesses. In the 3D release, Analyze scans all enemies when used. Cid has an additional ability in the 3D release called Upgrade, which allows him to use an attack item to add its elemental property to his normal attacks; for example, using a Bomb Fragment will make Cid's attack Fire-elemental.

There is an unused command found within the game's data, but it's only named in the original Japanese version, Airship (ひくうてい, Hikūtei?). The command is configured to target all enemies, but the command crashes the game when used. Given the name and positioning in the command list, it was intended for Cid.


Axes Bows*Non-3D versions Hammers
Shields Head Body Arms

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

FFIV-I- Cid's returns with the Analyze ability and it functions the same way it did in Final Fantasy IV. He joins the party at level 34, and comes equipped with a Dwarven Axe, Grand Helm, Power Sash, and Mythril Glove.

Axes Bows*Non-3D versions Hammers
Shields Head Body Arms

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit



Cid has high HP, Strength and Stamina, and at level 99 his Strength and Stamina are among the best of any character. However, his Speed and MP are both poor.

Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
15 680 15 18 7 21 5 5
20 930 15 21 9 24 5 5
30 1520Ceodore's Tale/1650Kain's Tale 15Ceodore's Tale/55Kain's Tale 27 13 32 5 5
40 2417 78 47 16 44 9 8
50 3196 102 65 21 52 12 10
60 4210 128 76 25 61 14 12
70 5374 150 88 29 70 16 13
80 5830 182 89 30 73 18 15
90 6306 210 90 32 75 20 17
99 6731 231 92 32 78 21 19
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FFIV TAY iOS Risk Strike

Cid using Risk Strike.

Cid's abilities are Analyze, which works identically to his 3D ability, and Risk Strike, which is an attack that has a chance to do heavy damage or nothing at all.

Band Abilities
Ability Members MP Effect
Machine Break
  • Cid (Analyze)
  • Cecil (Attack)
7 Cause massive damage to machine-type enemies.
X Chaser
  • Cid (Analyze)
  • Rosa (Aim)
12 Critically strike a single enemy, possibly inflicting Instant Death.
Rocket Launcher
  • Cid (Analyze)
  • Ceodore (Attack)
12 Enchant weapons with fire to attack the enemy.
Aiming Thrust
  • Cid (Analyze)
  • Kain (Jump)
12 Set your sights on one enemy and punch through it.
Double Tomahawk
  • Cid (Attack)
  • Luca (Attack)
10 Both characters throw axes at a single enemy.
Final Calcabrina
  • Cid
  • Luca (Event)
  • Calca (Event)
  • Brina (Event)
30 Calca and Brina attack all enemies in their fully completed form. Cid and Luca must have hammers equipped to use this Band.
Weapon in Progress
  • Cid (Risky Strike)
  • Edward (Salve)
  • Harley (Gil Toss)
  • Luca (Analyze)
25 Create a new item that does... something. May heal party or attack all enemies.
Vibra Prime
  • Cid (Attack)
  • Cecil (Attack)
  • Ceodore (Attack)
  • Kain (Attack)
  • Rosa (Aim)
40 Five fighters slice away at all enemies.


Axes Bows and Arrows Hammers
Shields Head Body Arms