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Cid Haze
Portraits CidHazeSprite
Sprites CidHazeMap
Kana シド・ヘイズ
Romaji Shido Heizu
Age 64
Hometown Canaan
First meeting Kazus
Final Fantasy III Character
See also: Cid
You'd probably want to get your hands on a new airship--well, I'm the man for the job!
—Cid Haze

Cid Haze is a character in Final Fantasy III. He is an eccentric looking old man with a large beard, and wide brimmed wizard's hat with goggles on it.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

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Cid in the Nintendo DS remake.

Cid is trapped in Kazus when the evil spirit Djinn places a curse on all of its inhabitants. Rendered incorporeal by the curse, Cid offers use of his airship to four itinerant youths on the promise they help lift the curse. Once Djinn and his curse have been vanquished, Cid helps the four children modify the airship to clear a path through the rock slide that has blocked his way back to his hometown, Canaan. Returning back home, Cid is horrified to discover his wife has taken ill.

Once more, the four youths agree to help him, and administer the needed Elixir to restore her to health. In gratitude for all the youths have done for him, Cid allows them access to his hidden storeroom and any useful equipment they find within. Cid remains in Canaan with Mrs. Cid whilst the party continues their adventure.

Later, Cid will use the Wheel of Time to turn the ship Enterprise into an airship. While doing so, he reveals the four orphans are from Earth, saying ten years prior to the game, he was flying an airship carrying passengers, when a darkness fell over the land, causing his airship to crash on the Floating Continent. He tells them that only he and four children survived. Even further in the story, Cid is one of the characters Doga and Unei summon to help break the Curse of the Five Wyrms.

In BattleEdit

In the Nintendo DS and the mobile platform remakes, Cid can help out the party in battle, either with a one-hit hammer attack or a casting of Fire. As with all ally characters, he attacks at random intervals, and his hammer attack hits a random target.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Cid Haze appears in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade as the Smithy of Crystal weapons.

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Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

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Theatrhythm Cid
An airship specialist normally living in Canaan, Cid becomes trapped in Kazus by the rockslide that followed the great earthquake and cursed by a fire demon named Djinn. When he is freed, the old man uses the Wheel of Time to transform the seafaring Enterprise into an airship and aids the party in their travels throughout their adventure.
—Online description

Cid Haze appears as a playable sub-character in Theatrhythm, unlocked by obtaining eight Yellow Crystal Shards collected in the game via Rhythmia rewards or won from Dark Note bosses. To use Cid Haze in the iOS port, the player is required to buy him at the online store.

Cid is strictly a support character, with very poor stats save for mediocre Luck and HP, and no offensive skills save for Recall. Cid learns several skills to heal and protect the party, and can have his Luck boosted further by his Luck Up skills. Cid's biggest boon is is that he is the only character to learn Libra Lv 3, which instantly reveals all items in a boss's inventory when the player unlocks a new Dark Note. Cid's skillset is thus tailor-made to be of use for the Chaos Shrine, protecting the party from damage on the very difficult songs, having lots of Luck to increase the chance of item drops, and Libra Lv 3 to scout out bosses with useful drops.


Level HP CP Strength Magic Agility Luck
1 291 9 10 7 7 15
10 1158 14 20 17 16 34
20 2123 20 32 28 26 56
99 7716 50 119 90 86 180

iOS StatsEdit

Level HP Strength Magic Agility Luck
1 291 D E B SS


Reactive Abilities
Ability Level Learned
Brace (Lv 1) Initial
Escape (Lv 1) Initial
Cheer (Lv 1) Level 10
Libra (Lv 3) Level 15
Pray (Lv 1) Level 25
Boost (Lv 1) Level 30
Recall Level 35
Escape (Lv 2) Level 45
Brace (Lv 2) Level 50
Pray (Lv 2) Level 55
Cheer (Lv 2) Level 65
Boost (Lv 2) Level 70
Escape (Lv 3) Level 75
Brace (Lv 3) Level 80
Cheer (Lv 3) Level 85
Boost (Lv 3) Level 90
Proactive Abilities
Ability Level Learned
Luck Up (Lv 1) Level 5
Item Lore Level 20
Luck Up (Lv 2) Level 40
Luck Up (Lv 3) Level 60

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Cid appears in a wind-elemental card in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with his Yoshitaka Amano and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy artworks.


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