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This is not the beginning of the end. It is the beginning of new hope we have created.

High Commander Cid Aulstyne (シド・オールスタイン, Shido Ōrusutain?) is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy Type-0. He is head of the government of the Milites Empire, as well as the Byakko Peristylium. He is voiced by Shuichiro Moriyama.

While there have been Cid characters who have served as antagonists in Final Fantasy games before (such as Dr. Cid Bunansa from Final Fantasy XII and Cid Raines from Final Fantasy XIII), this is the first Cid to be the main antagonist of a Final Fantasy game.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Marshal of the Milites Empire, home of the Byakko Peristylium. Cid is a charismatic leader and excels at currying favor with the public. He rose to a position of power after arranging a coup in which he wrested control of Byakko's political climate and sent the Emperor to be imprisoned for a litany of supposed crimes against the people. He created an ambitious plan to develop new arms for the Empire's use, completely of his own accord. Now he seeks a way to seal the Crystals of the other three nations so that he may use their energies for his own benefit. His desire for power is so strong that he has taken his own nation hostage and now leads it along the path to war. He forces the Byakko l'Cie to follow his orders by exerting mechanical control over the Byakko Crystal itself, and conscripted them to help him in an invasion on the neighboring country of Rubrum.
Character Info

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High Commander of the technologically advanced army of the Milites Empire, Cid's became the country's dictator after the mysterious disappearance of the Militian emperor. After he discovered the truth of "everything about Orience is a part of gods' experiment", he intend to free human beings from the "slavery of gods and crystals" (as mentioned by a Militian Soldier in Chapter 4) and took actions.

Using his new found power, Cid breaks the Pax Codex and invades the other nations of Orience with airship fleets and magitek armor to obtain the Crystals. In most trailers he's shown giving captivating speeches that rile up his soldiers before they invade. This implies his charisma within his nation.

Having escaped as Rubrum takes control, Cid has Nimbus take him to the Palace of All Magic where Finis is to begin. There, he faces the Lulusathian Judge and how he is to become the one to destroy the world. Faced with this revelation, he commits suicide. Though his death does not prevent his body from being utilized by Judge as the l'Cie Arbitor, Cid chooses suicide rather than become the Lulusathaian's puppet. As Class Zero fights their way to him, now a vessel of the Judge, Cid proceeds to place them through several trials to deem their worth.

FFT-0 Cid's Death

Cid's death.

As they finally face him, Cid proceeds to utterly belittle them for being unworthy to become Agito upon completing his transformation into the l'Cie Arbitor, killing Shinryu Celestia before beating the twelve students to within an inch of their lives. However, the spirits of Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya manage to give each member of Class Zero the strength to continue and release the Phantoma from the l'Cie Arbitor's body and absorb it at the cost of their lives. This leads to the l'Cie Arbitor's certain defeat.


Cid is fought as the final boss in the form of the l'Cie Arbitor of Lulusath.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Cid Type-0 card

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His name could come from the combination of "old" and "Stein", the German word for a rock.

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