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Sprite(s) TA2-Cid-sprh FFTA2-CidSprite
Japanese シド?
Romaji Shido
Age Unknown
Tribe Revgaji
Job class Warrior
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Character
The leader of Clan Gully, Luso's new family in Ivalice. A mentor and help to Luso in many ways, though ties to a mysterious organization shadows his past. Though a Revgaji, Cid has mastered the jobs of the Bangaa.

Cid is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. The Rev leader of a group of hunters, Clan Gully, Cid saves Luso from a monster, alongside his clanmates from Clan Gully. Intent to help Luso return to his world, Cid acts as a brother to him. He seems to hide a mysterious past and connection with Illua and the Khamja.

Cid serves a major role not only in the main quests, but also in some sidequests.


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Cid was previously a member of Khamja, presumably a high-ranking officer alongside Illua. Cid lost faith in the organization due to its rules and in-fighting as well as methods. During his attempt to leave the clan Illua attacked him and left him for dead. Cid saw a Judge, and, realizing the value of life, took a pledge to dedicate his life to a clan, Clan Gully, which would in consequence grant him partial immortality, as members of adjudged clans cannot die in battle.

Cid appears with a viera White Mage and a nu mou Black Mage, hunting a mark, Klesta. Before the mission even begins, Luso Clemens arrives in a flash of light and lands amid the battlefield. Fearing for his safety, Cid tells Luso to trust him and guarantees Klesta will not do such a thing. Cid summons a Judge, and the battle is halted. Luso swears to serve Clan Gully and joins it.


Cid can access all bangaa jobs and functions as a bangaa with relation to laws; for example, the law which forbids "Actions by Bangaa" will be broken if Cid uses an ability in battle. He is the strongest unit in the clan at the beginning of the game.

He starts as a guest unit, meaning he cannot be controlled. He will become fully playable when Luso gains access to Fluorgis.

As with all other bangaa units, Cid is best served as a long-distance tank unit. It is a good idea to level him up as a Dragoon, Master Monk, and Templar until he masters the majority or all of the corresponding jobs' abilities, and then move onto being a Trickster or a Cannoneer. Trickster is recommended due to its high Speed increase. After learning all of those abilities as well, Cid can keep alternating between Dragoon, Templar, Master Monk, and Trickster (and other jobs if desired). On LV99 he will be one of the strongest units in the game, trained in all or most of his stats (including magic), making him an unstoppable war machine, especially with the Trickster's and Templar's abilities.

Musical themesEdit

Cid's musical theme is "Cid." It is also played when Al-Cid Margrace is recruited to the player's clan. Another song that uses parts of this theme is "Mad Dash!"

Creation and developmentEdit

During an interview with character designer Ryōma Itō, it was revealed that Cid was originally supposed to be thinner, but the idea was scrapped in favor of the final artwork. Some of these early designs of a thinner Cid were used to design Lezaford. In that same interview, Itō said that some inspiration for the bulkier Cid's structure came from American bison and thus he was given clothes with South and Central American colors and themes.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Cid A2 TCG

Cid appears in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.



Cid is a recurring name in the Final Fantasy series. [view  · edit  · purge]The word Cid derives from the Old Spanish loanword cid, which comes from the dialectal Arabic word سيد sîdi or sayyid, which means "lord" or "master."


  • In the Spanish translation he speaks in Andalusian Spanish, usually speaking with abbreviations and words usually associated with country people.

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