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Cid: The Adventure of the Underground Waterway is the fifth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Story DetailEdit


The episode directly follows the previous episode; recapping Kaze's apparent death, the dark pillar's appearance, and several minor events hinting at a motive of Lisa protecting the children. Lisa muses for a moment whether something "Is about to begin." or that "Perhaps it has already begun".


Makenshi and Kaze's body have disappeared, and so the Comodeen use it as an opportunity to evacuate. Cid informs Lisa, Ai and Yu of a plan he has come up with; the four of them can make it to the subway, as Cid can track its location thanks to Chobi's watch. Cid unveils Catherine; a boat they will use to navigate underground canals, allowing them to reach the next subway station before the train does. He explains that Catherine runs on Elenium; an energy found in the water of the Underworld. Knave and Miles bid farewell the party, leaving them with a large pile of supplies, which PoshePocket proceeds to half in one mouthful. The then party leaves, with Yu noticing that Fungus has his bag at the last moment. As they disappear off into the darkness, Crux is seen floating near the roof of the cave.

Clash of ImmortalsEdit

Meanwhile, in the Earl's throne room, the Earl and his lords are seen gloating over Makenshi's victory over Kaze. At Fungus's request, the Earl dispatches him, having returned to his full size, to deal with the Comodeen as he wishes.

Back in the Canals, Yu voices his concerns for Kaze, having not witnessed his demise. At the moment a large crystal, similar to the bombs seen in the first episode, breaks through the roof, transforming into a sea-serpent. Fungus descends and attacks the group, giving chase as they flee. The scene cuts to reveal Kaze is unconscious, but still alive, somewhere in the canals. He awakens, and questions why the Magun didn't activate during his last battle. After a brief struggle, Cid pilots them over a waterfall, revealing Cathrine's gliding wings. Celebrating their escape, the group is surprised to see Fungus appear before them, with his sea-serpent. Cid crashes Cathrine into a wall, attempting to escape one of Fungus's blows.

He becomes infuriated with the small amount of damage Fungus has dealt to the machine, and reveals a set of oversized magnetic hammers extending from his backpack. He quickly defeats Fungus with them, as Chobi's watch rings. They arrive at the Subway entrance, and quickly begin to climb. However, Cid decides to remain behind, to fix Cathrine. As they approach the station Fungus reappears, blocking their path. Just as he is about to attack, they notice Kaze nearby. Fungus attacks Kaze, while Ai, Yu, Lisa and Chobi race to the station. With the Magun now responding, Kaze decides to fire, despite the confined space. Summoning Ixion, Kaze appears to sacrifice himself to destroy Fungus, with Cid escaping on a hover bike like machine.

The episode closes with the children, Lisa and Chobi aboard the train, wondering as to the well being of both Cid and Kaze.


In this episode, only one combination of Soil is seen:

The deep sleep that envelops death/The sleep that engulfs death - Steel Gray
The rising of boiling blood/Bubbling and boiling blood - Heat Crimson
The brilliance that pierces the darkness/The light that penetrates darkness - Lightning Yellow

The combination summons Ixion, a pegasus like creature which creates a destructive orb of lightning around itself.


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