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Me!? I'm a master chocobo catcher. Chocobos are my expertise.

Chocoboy (ちょこ坊, Choko-bō?) is a Non-player character in Final Fantasy VIII. A young boy who hangs out in the Chocobo Forests around the world, he helps Squall catch chocobos.

Chocoboy is one of the few people who can still be found on disc 4.


Catching ChocobosEdit

Realizing that Squall wants to ride a chocobo, Chocoboy sets up business and charges him for advice and methods to catch one. To catch a chocobo, Squall must first call the chicobo—the baby chocobo. When the mother chocobo realizes that the lone chicobo is missing, she will come out to find it. Chocoboy gives Squall a ChocoWhis, a whistle which can both detect chicobos using its ChocoSonar and call the chicobos using its ChocoZiner.

Chocoboy also sells Gysahl Greens for 600 gil and hints to find chicobos for 100 gil. He can also catch one for a more hefty price. His method is more unconventional, to say the least.

At the Holy GroundsEdit

At the Chocobo Forest in the Grandidi Forest in Esthar, Chocoboy confesses that it took him three years to find the Chocobo Holy Grounds. He tries to hide some Magic Stones from Squall, but the mother chocobo recovers them and gives them to Squall to congratulate him for his success in finding the Holy Grounds.

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