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Chocobo Woods is one of several locations on the Floating Continent and the surface world in Final Fantasy III. The Fat Chocobo can also be summoned inside these forests.

There are eleven Chocobo Woods in total; three on the Floating Continent, and eight on the surface of the world. All Chocobo Woods are found on the tile where the Onion Knight is standing in the pictures below. There are three chocobos dwelling inside each forests and the Fat Chocobo can be summoned in the northern area of the forest.

Image Directions
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 1 East of the Village of the Ancients.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 2 In between Dwarven Hollows and Molten Cave.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 3 North of Gulgan Gulch.
Behind the Temple of Water.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 4 South of Goldor Manor.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 5 Southeast of Amur or northeast of Goldor Manor.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 6 Southeast of the eight Statues Of The Quest or directly west of the Cave of Shadows. It is located near the desert.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 7 Northwest of the eight Statues Of The Quest.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 8 At the edge of the forest to the far south of Saronia.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 9 West of Replito.
FFIII NES Chocobo Woods 10 East of Falgabard.

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