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Can't remember for the life of me...
—Chocobo Sage

The Chocobo Sage (チョコボ仙人, Chokobo Sennin?) is a character in Final Fantasy VII. He lives in a cabin hidden in the mountains of the Northern Continent only reachable by airship or a green, black, or gold chocobo. He keeps a green chocobo in a stable in his cabin, which gives out the Enemy Skill Materia. Chocobo Sage sells a few nuts and greens. His appearance is bizarre, with a bulbous purple body, long white beard, purple hat, and purple tail, similar to the Ancients seen in the Temple of the Ancients. Chole seems to admire him.


The Chocobo Sage with Cloud.
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Chocobo Sage gives advice on how to breed special chocobos. He only tells the character one bit of advice at a time. He says the information once before he forgets it again, although Chole at the Chocobo Farm keeps track of the accumulated info. After Chocobo Sage is done giving all the advice, it is revealed how to breed the mountain, river, mountain-river, and gold chocobos.

Chocobo Sage gives the player one piece of advice at a time, and to get the next piece of info the player must go and fight four battles, then come back. Because the game determines on whether or not Chocobo Sage is ready to give more info by the number of battles, when the player reaches a very high number of battles this system gets glitched. The game can't use a key-number higher than 32767, and so uses numbers from -32768 to 32767. This means that if the player fights 32768 battles, the game considers, when it does calculations for Chocobo Sage, them have -32768 battles. 32769 battles will be transformed to -32767 battles and so on until 65535 battles, which will overflow the counter and reset it back to the start.

When the game considers the player to be at -32768 battles, Chocobo Sage would need an enormous number of battles to give any more advice, all the way for the counter to overflow back to positive digits. However, if the player comes near to the amount of battles where the game begins to consider the number as negative, they can find themselves in a situation where they can get more and more advice from Chocobo Sage without needing to fight any battles in-between. At 32767 battles the game will calculate the player will need some new battles, but it'll be always higher than 32768 battles (as that is actually -32768), meaning the player doesn't need to fight any battles for Chocobo Sage to tell his next clue.


The Sage runs a store that sells chocobo merchandise.

General StoreEdit

Name Cost
Porov Nut 2,000 gil
Pram Nut 2,500 gil
Sylkis Green 5,000 gil
Reagan Greens 3,000 gil


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