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Chocobo Panic is a game for iPad where the player catches and holds various colorful chocobos moving around the screen until they are told to "Let go!" The game features a co-op mode and high score.


The player must catch the specified chocobos as they move about the field. Once the player is holding a certain number of chocobos, they must release one of them. When it is time to release a chocobo "Let go!" will appear in the window and an effect will show around the chocobo to release. If the player releases the wrong chocobo, it will count as a mistake.

In "1 Player & Co-Op," mode, the player can use up to six fingers to catch chocobos one after another and aim for the high score. In two-player mode, the players can use one iPad and compete against each other until someone makes a mistake. If a player releases their hand too soon, they will lose.


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