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Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Enemy
(チョコボ, Chokobo?)
Rw chocobo sprite
Level HP
Varies 110 - 704
Str Mag Stm Mnd
9 - 603 7 - 304 7 - 502 7 - 502
Atk MAtk Def MDef
12 - 160 11 - 86 1 - 125 1 - 125
Speed AtkSpd MvSpd Sight
10 - 604 60 .768 - 1.56 3.5
Location {{{Location}}}
Type Melee
Nature None
Weak Against None
Resistant to None
Immune to None
Its swift legs carry it charging into battle.
—In-game Description

Chocobo is an Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is a rank 1 Non-elemental Physical summon. Yellow Chocobos are ally Yarhi, whilst black Chocobos are enemy Yarhi.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

The name "chocobo" derives from a Japanese brand of chocolate malt ball by Morinaga, ChocoBall (チョコボール, Chokobōru?). The mascot for this product is Kyoro-chan (キョロちゃん?), a bird who says "kweh."

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