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For a generic list, see: Chocobo.

While existing in the world of Final Fantasy VII, chocobos do not prominently appear in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. They make various appearances through background references that can be caught by the close observer.

  • A chocobo figurine made out of wood can be seen in Denzel and Marlene's room in the 7th Heaven.
  • Additional appearances include a sign with a chocobo silhouette, advertising the "Chocobo House". Several of these green signs appear while the cast is battling Bahamut SIN, and a directory sign mentioning the Chocobo Farm.
  • A flock of what may be chocobos are seen running across a dirt road in the movie's cinematic ending credits.



[view  · edit  · purge]The name "chocobo" refers to the Japanese chocolate malt ball, chokõbo. The mascot for this product is a bird who says "kweh."

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