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Chocobo Air Garden-fight Ozma

Moments before the battle against Ozma.

The Chocobo's Air Garden (チョコボの空中庭園, Chokobo no Kūchū Teien?) is a location in Final Fantasy IX. Only accessible by golden Choco, the player must find a dark spot on the ground on the world map and use a Dead Pepper while flying over it.

The Air Garden is the last location where Zidane can play Chocobo Hot and Cold. Most of the treasure is buried deep, and requires a high beak level to reach quickly, but it nets higher treasure points and time bonus.

By quick-saving and reloading, players using emulators can easily gain the points needed to exchange the Robe of Lords and Protect Ring.

The Air Garden has a so-called "Eidolon Cave". If the player inspects it, they can fight the superboss Ozma.


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