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The Chocobo's Air Garden is a location in Final Fantasy IX. Only accessible by golden Choco, the player must find a dark spot on the ground on the world map and use a Dead Pepper while flying over it.

The Air Garden is the last location where Zidane can play Chocobo Hot and Cold.


Finding Air GardenEdit

Chocobo Air Garden-location map

Location of Chocobo's Air Garden.

Floating in the sky, the only way to find the Air Garden is by searching the world for a slow moving, circular shadow. When found, the party must float above the shadow on a flying Choco, and feed him a Dead Pepper.

Once visited, the Air Garden's location appears on the enlarged world map.

Chocobo Hot and ColdEdit

Most of the treasure is buried deep, and requires a high beak level to reach quickly, but it nets higher treasure points and time bonus. By quick-saving and reloading, players using emulators can easily gain the points needed to exchange the Robe of Lords and Protect Ring.


The Air Garden has a so-called "eidolon cave". If the player inspects it, they can fight the superboss Ozma. Mene will warn the party and let them change party configuration beforehand.


Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


FFAB Chocobo Air Garden FFIX Special
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