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Chivalry is a skillset used and learnt by the Knight in Bravely Default.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Ability Job Level Cost Description
Stomp 1 Deal damage 1.25 times that of a conventional attack. However, your physical defense and magic defense will decrease by 25% for two turns. The lower limit for P.Def and M.Def is 75%.
Ironclad 4 Start at the beginning of a turn to raise your physical defense to the maximum level for the entire turn. The upper limit for P.Def is 150%.
Shield Strike 6 8 MP Deal the same damage as a conventional attack and for two turns, raise physical defense by 25%. Available only when equipping a shield. The upper limit for P.Def is 150%.
Vengeance 8 1 BP Unleash a physical attack on all enemies. The more of your allies are in K.O. state, the more powerful your attack will be.
0 K.O. allies: 0.75x conventional attack
1 K.O. ally: 1.5x conventional attack
2 K.O. allies: 2x conventional attack
3 K.O. allies: 2.5x conventional attack
Full Cover 10 For one turn, when the selected ally takes a single-target physical attack, you will take the hit instead, but only suffer half the damage.
Super Charge 14 1 BP Make an attack based off physical defense at 200% strength.


Chivalry, or the chivalric code, is a code of conduct associated with the medieval institution of knighthood.

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