TA2 Chita on Weapons — Adepts is a quest in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Located in block 2c.XII on the Quest Report, it is the second quest in the Chita on Weapons chain of missions.


  • Location: Whitehearth (Rupie region)
  • Description: Chita, mastersmith of Chita's Weaponers, will give a lecture on the proper use of weapons.
  • Objective: Speed Battle vs. Chita's Weaponers
  • Forbidden: Bludgeoning Weapons
  • Formation: 4 units allowed


Guest formationEdit

Unit Level Equipment Action Abilities Reaction Ability Support Ability
FFTA2-GladiatorSprite 31 Adamant Blade
Mirage Vest
Gaius Caligae
(Rush, Fire Soul, Wild Swing)
Strike Back Doublehand
FFTA2-WarriorSprite 30 Vitanova
Shield of the Four
Arts of War
(Rend Power, Rend Speed, Rend Magick)
Counter Defense^
FFTA2-WarriorSprite 29 Vajra
Dragon Mail
Hanya Mask
Arts of War
(Body Slam, Greased Lightning)
Counter Attack^

Enemy formationEdit

Unit Level Equipment Action Abilities Reaction Ability Support Ability
Headless FFTA2 30 Mirror Mail Brute Force
(Quake, Brute Strength, Sunder Earth)
Blink Counter Destroyer


Due to the Mirror Mail, magic won't work against the Golem, and it will counterattack with its Blink Counter up close, making ranged melee abilities the safest way to dispatch it.


Chita: Ngah...! You're the young'uns from last time! Oooh boy. Still haven't wrapped your heads around the proper way to wield a weapon, eh?
Ngah! Young'uns these days... Don't know nothin'!
I'll just have to teach you m'self! Now then, what's the one thing to remember when you're fighting? I'll give you a hint: determination!
Headless: ...
Party leader: Um... Is that the hint, or the answer?
Chita: Kaaaah! Slipped and gave it away, did I? Ah, but you saw right through me. Not bad, young'uns! Ga ha ha!
Right, so what you've got to remember is determination! If you don't practice with determination, may as well leave your weapons to rust!
All right? Now show us what you've a speed battle!
Headless: Ngarrrrgh!
Party leader: So it's not enough to slay these monsters. We have to do it with determination... Victory to the swiftest!


Party leader: Got him! Well? We won!
Chita: Took my determination lecture straight to the heart you did. You young'uns have some grit to you. Ga ha!
Party leader: I don't know about taking anything to heart. But determination is important. I won't argue with that.
Chita: Ngah...! I thought you'd say as much. Gah ha ha! We had a fun day of it, didn't we! Maybe I'll see you around... Fare thee well!