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The Chirijiraden as it appears in Final Fantasy XII.

Deemed too powerful, this sword was buried for centuries in a remote corner of the world.

Chirijiraden (塵地螺鈿飾剣, Chiriji Raden Kazari Tsurugi?) is a recurring weapon in the Ivalice series.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The Chirijiraden is Reddas's main weapon. It has an Attack Power of 75, Evade of 5.

The Chirijiraden in Final Fantasy XII is a Kora wielded by Reddas. The weapon may likely refer to Reddas's artwork, as the sword itself and the Ninja Knife do not appear to match the in-game weapons he wields.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

This katana is decorated with intricate designs.
—In-game Description

The Chirijiraden has an attack power of 25 with a weapon defense of 15%. The katana's Iaido ability is called Raging Inferno, which deals non-elemental magick damage. It is the game's strongest katana, and could be the game's strongest weapon for team members with common classes. The weapon can only be obtained in the final floor of the Midlight's Deep with the Treasure Hunter ability, or in The War of the Lions version, obtained via Rendezvous.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

This sword was buried for fear of its power.
—In-game Description

Chirijiaden is the game's most powerful Sword equipped by the Soldier, Warrior, and Dragoon Job classes. It is obtained in Mission 091: Challengers?. It teaches no abilities and has an Attack power of 65.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Deemed too powerful, this sword was buried for centuries in a remote corner of the world.
—In-game description

Chirijiraden is the game's most powerful sword and teaches Heritor's Hilo. It provides +62 Attack and +7 Defense, and can only be obtained through the Heritor sidequest, requiring Adelle to learn all abilities of that class up to Elpe and getting it at Goug.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Rise of ManaEdit

The Chirijiraden will appear as part of the Final Fantasy Tactics collaboration. Cidolfus Orlandeau is shown wielding it.

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The name, Chiriji-Raden-Kazari-Tsurugi (塵地螺鈿飾剣?), is not the name of a specific blacksmith known for making katanas, but refers to various design crafting processes used in Japan to provide finishing touches to weapons and their sheathings. Chiriji refers to a specific finishing polishing process in the craft of lacquering urushi made wares, where gold dust and flakes are sprinkled onto a coat of wet urushi, before having a clear coat layer painted atop of the gold coat, and then polished to reveal the decorative layer. This made efficient use of precious metals in early antiquity in Japan, as the process of heavy mining was not readily accessible in the period.[1]

Raden refers to the craft of nacre, or mother of pearl, inlay and carvings, used for decorating various works, from accessories and weapons to jewelry, furniture, and architecture. While intricate designs can be carved of mother of pearl, the material can also be used to coat scabbards in a plain, yet effective, fashion.[2]

Kazari is a verb that denotes "made of", or decorated. Gijo-tachi, or ceremonial and decorated swords used in the ranks of nobility from the Heian period, are also called kazari-tachi in modern times, and made the use of the aforementioned crafting skills for stunningly made works.[3]

Tsurugi describes double-edged swords of Japanese origin, and is a modern umbrella word to describe any sort of sword, regardless of design or make.

The name ultimately refers to the weapon's grandiose treatment and adoration, regardless of whom created the weapon.

The Chirijiraden found in the Tactics Advance series, appears to refer to the unearthed Sword of Goujian.


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