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Sprite(s) FFTA-job-Hunter-por FFTA-job-hunter
Japanese チェイニー?
Romaji Cheinī
Age N/A
Race Human
Job class Hunter
Voice Actor
(Radio Drama)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Character
Arr, them mountain beasts have been coming down to the lowlands of late, and one took a bite out of me!

Cheney is one of six special recruits in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. As an NPC he posts the missions #165 Hundred-Eye and #52 Friend Trouble.


Cheney has a 1-in-5 chance of joining your clan after completion of a mission where the Snake Shield is equipped. The Snake Shield is a reward for #165 Hundred-Eye, which is a mission that happens to have been posted by Cheney himself, and which itself is unlocked after #015 Scouring Time and #126 Wine Delivery.


Like all secret characters, Cheney joins four levels above the average of the entire clan. Cheney is recruited as a Hunter, and as a bonus he has two abilities already mastered: Capture and Ultima Shot.


Hunting command. Use your hunting skills to fight.

Skill Effect MP Use
Capture Attempt to capture a monster. Captured monsters are added to the Monster Bank in Cyril.
Ultima Shot Triple damage attack. 60

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