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XI Check is a basic command in Final Fantasy XI that informs the player of the relative difficulty of defeating the creature in question, or reveals the job, level, equipment, and comment of a player in question.

When a monster is checked, it will be listed as one of the following:

  • "Too weak to be worthwhile" (listed as "too weak" in the auto-translator): a creature is significantly below the player's current job level, and will not give the player any experience points for defeating it.
  • "Easy prey": the monster is many levels below the player, but will still yield experience points upon defeat.
  • "Decent challenge": the monster is a lower level than the player, but it is still near the player's current level.
  • "Even match": the monster's level is exactly the same as the player. There is a good chance that the player will be defeated if taking on an even match solo.
  • "Tough": the monster is a small number of levels above the player.
  • "Very tough": the monster is many levels above the player.
  • "Incredibly tough": the monster is substantially higher-leveled than the player.
  • "Strength is impossible to gauge!": the monster's strength is not revealed. This usually indicates that the monster is a notorious monster, or is a target involved in a certain event, such as the Nyzul Isle Investigation. Monsters that are impossible to gauge may actually be a much lower level than the player, but that information is not revealed.

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