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Ffxii charm

Charm in Final Fantasy XII.

Cause one foe to confuse friend with foe.

Charm (勧誘, Kan'yū?, lit. Invitation), also known as Entice, is a recurring ability in the series. It often attempts to inflict the Confuse or Traitor status to one target.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII Charm is a Technick which inflicts Confuse on the target. Charm costs 5,000 gil at Rabanastre and Nalbina Fortress (after defeating Judge Bergan, and Jahara, and requires 30 LP to unlock on the License Board. It has a range of 3, a CT of 35, can target flying enemies, is physical, and can be nulled by the Safety augment.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Charm can be learned by the Uhlan, Machinist, Archer, and Black Mage job classes. The technick is now obtained from a treasure at the Salikawood Quietened Trace, south end. It now has a CT of 60 and an accuracy of 90%.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit


A speechcraft skill that persuades a foe to become an ally.

Entice is an ability of the Orator class, learned for 100 JP. It has a range of 3 and effect of 1, and attempts to inflict the Traitor status on the target.



Charm refers to charisma, a person or thing's ability to attract or entrance others. It can also mean a spell or an amulet or other object believed to have magical properties.

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