A charged item (also enchanted items, dispensing items) is a type of weapon or armor/clothing in Final Fantasy XI, which gives a beneficial status effect, useful items, or a "costume".

Obtaining Charged ItemsEdit

Players can enchant certain weapons and gear by using Alchemy to give weapons and armor useful status effects. Dispensing and charged items can be won by participating in festive events, or by completing high-level quests and missions.


There are limitations on these items so they can't be abused. It's common for a player to be unable to use an enchanted item for 24 hours after they use it. Popular charged gear can have greatly varying maximum charges (7, 10, 25, 50) depending on the value of what is gained and how difficult it is to obtain, and most holiday enchantments or dispenses are documented to have only 1 charge, but these items will "fill up" again after the recharge period is over.

Types of ChargesEdit

  • Costumes: Player avatar becomes a monster (Skeleton, Ghost, etc), a child version of a playable race, or a beastman. Purely for the visual effect. Often seen in populous cities to grab a player's attention so they might purchase something from their bazaar. This lasts until they leave the area.
  • Status/Battle effects: Enspells, Spikes, increase current hp or mp by a certain amount, enhanced movement speed, enhanced experience point gain, Signet, and effects of otherwise nominal spells.
  • Items: Item dispensers sometimes give a costume item, but can be used daily and give more than one so they may be shared. Some other items are food which grant useful but often unnecessary bonuses such as mp regenerating faster while healing or a minor attribute increase.