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Chaos Mobius

Wol standing before Chaos.

The lord general of the monstrous forces invading Palamecia. No one knows either the intent or the cause for Chaos's invasion. He only seems interested in destroying all that stands in his path. While it is prophesied that the Warrior of Light will defeat him, no one knows when this will occur, or if it will happen at all.
—Glossary entry

Chaos (カオス, Kaosu?) is a non-player character in Mobius Final Fantasy.


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Chaos is first seen in the vicinity of Castle Cornelia, where several blanks who chose to give up on their prophecy to protect Princess Sarah. Wol confronts Chaos here but was unable to defeat him and Chaos retreats of his own volition.

Chaos later comes after Wol, after noticing he has grown significantly in power. However, after talking to Vox, he targets Mogheim. Wol intercepts him but not before Chaos kills several moogles who attempted to delay him. Chaos kills Mowg as well, then summons Marilith. After Marilith is defeated, Vox teleports Chaos away.

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Chaos is "the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe."

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