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Chaos: The Earl Unveiled is the twenty-fourth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Story DetailEdit


The episode opens where The previous episode ended; with Kaze aiming his Magun at Makenshi, with Makenshi's dragons circling overhead. As the two hold each other in a stand-off, the Comodeen evacuates back to Jane with what little flight water they could recover.

Lisa recalls the last time Kaze and Makenshi fought; at the birth of the Black Tower. As Ai, Yu, Lisa, Chobi and Lou evacuate, the frozen flight water begins to crumble and erupts in powerful geyser, one of which catches Yu, but he is quickly saved by Chobi. Meanwhile Kaze and Makenshi are still locked in a stalemate, until Makenshi says that he will put Kaze back to sleep and the Magun suddenly stops working.

Makenshi's two dragons combine into a single dragon and attack Kaze. The explosion resulting from the attack liquefies the rest of the flight water, and sends it toward Jane in the form of a tidal wave, which delivers Jane back into the ocean. As the crew of Jane access the situation, they notice Yu, Kaze and Moogle are all missing.


As the crew debates what they must do, a strangely familiar mist envelopes the bridge. Makenshi appears, bearing a sleeping Kaze in his arms, and says that it is the crew's emotions that are causing Chaos to grow.

Meanwhile, Pist reforms within his sanctuary, but Earl Tyrant quickly contacts him angrily. Oscha reveals that the flight water is precious to the Count, and he is scolded for acting on his own.

Back aboard Jane, Lisa confirms that Kaze is indeed alive. Makenshi reveals the truth behind all that has happened; from the very start the emotions of everyone were being used to feed Chaos and make it grow larger and larger. He goes on to reveal that Chaos is Earl Tyrant's true form, explaining why he sent the Death Lords after them.

Lisa questions why Makenshi is helping them now, and the other make guesses as to his motives, but Makenshi simply responds by telling them that they could never kill Chaos, regardless of how hard they tried. Makenshi leaves, telling them their only hope is to run.

Meanwhile, Crux is seen carrying Yu towards Gaudium. After being delivered right into Earl Tyrant's throne room, Yu spots his parents once more, but no change has come to them during the time span away.

Pawn or MessiahEdit

Back aboard Jane, Ai continues to pester Cid to hurry in finding Yu, and Kaze is put to rest in one of the bunks on board. As Lou and Lisa watch over the sleeping Kaze, Lou mention's the voice she heard from the Soil combining Giga-phoenix from the previous episode. She guesses that Soil is formed from the crystallized life of those that lived in worlds destroyed by Chaos.

While Kaze sleeps, he recalls the destruction of his world, and the pleas of Aura to "use her Soil". As the dream comes to a climax, Kaze awakens, and immediately asks after Makenshi.

Meanwhile Pist begins to restart the Ocean Puzzle when he senses someone in the shadows. He fires, but his shots are deflected by a sword. Makenshi emerges and instantly slices both Pist and his gun in half with one sword strike. Pist gloats that Makenshi can not defeat him as he reforms his body. Makenshi reveals that all the crystals of Omega have been gathered, an that the Death Lords knew of Makenshi's plans long ago.

Within the Chaos chamber, Earl Tyrant reveals the Omega crystals to Yu, and explains that they can rebuild Omega whenever they wish, but they need the machine built by Yu's parents to control it.


Back in Pist's sanctuary Makenshi selects an empty bottle and draws Pist into it, transforming his into mist and using him to destroy the Ocean Puzzle. When he does so, Omega's crystals disappear from Chaos's chamber and scatter all over Wonderland once more.

The crew of Jane pause when they notice something descending from the sky, and three beams of purple energy fire at them, missing them narrowly. Suddenly Gaudium itself descends before Jane and her crew, and open fire again. Just before they are hit, Makenshi appears and deflects the shots, using another group of his dragons to destroy the satellites.

Earl Tyrant himself descends before Makenshi and Jane's crew. When Makenshi readies himself to fight, Earl reveals his throne to be part of his body, as he transforms into the true form of Chaos. Chaos begins to draw the strength away from everyone, but Kaze seems to be unaffected. Yu watches from Gaudium as Chaos destroys Jane.