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Kilika Temple Chamber of the Fayth.

The Chamber of the Fayth is at the core of every temple of Yevon in Spira in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 that enshrines the temple's fayth. In each temple a summoner and his or her guardians must first solve the Cloister of Trials before reaching the Chamber of the Fayth where the summoner enters alone to pray for a way to vanquish Sin, and if their prayer is heard, the fayth will join with the summoner, allowing them to call forth powerful beings known as the aeons. While on their pilgrimage to Zanarkand summoners must visit every temple, and the Chamber of the Fayth within to acquire aeons and mentally prepare themselves for the Final Summoning.

After Sin's defeat, the fayth can rest and enter the Farplane, and the stone tablets that used to hold their spirits become mere statues and their aeons can no longer be summoned. In Final Fantasy X-2 the dormant fayth statues are ripped out by Vegnagun, and tunnels are formed inside the chambers that lead to the Farplane. The chambers are used by Yuna, Rikku, and Paine to enter the Farplane for the final battle. If the party travels to the Farplane from each of these five tunnels they receive the Megiddo Garment Grid.


The temples of YevonEdit

The lost temples of YevonEdit


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