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TAY PSP Yang&#039;s Challenge Dungeon

Yang's Challenge Dungeon (PSP).

Yang's Challenge Dungeon is a long single-floor dungeon consisting of straight corridors with a high random encounter rate. After several corridors are passed the player finds a square room with a treasure chest that always contains a monster-in-a-box and a random item of little value.

There are then two doors, one is an exit from the dungeon while the other is a door deeper. The final chest of the dungeon always contains a rare treasures, but a single door leading to an escape portal after more corridors. The deeper into the dungeon the player goes, the stronger the monsters become.

Treasure Edit

All treasure chests besides the last contain random treasures, usually consumable or attack items. The final chest will contain a rare item. After obtaining all of them the final chest too contains a consumable or attack item. The exception is the X-Potion, the player may obtain it multiple times. The final chest may contain the following:

  • Hell Claws
  • Cat Claws
  • Black Cowl
  • Chakra Headband
  • Black Belt Gi
  • Rose Twine Dress
  • Hyper Wrist
  • Elixir
  • Silver Apple
  • Soma Drop
  • X-Potion
  • Adamantite

Enemy Encounters Edit

Corridors to First Chest
Monster-In-a-Box Encounters=
Corridors to Second Chest
Monster-In-a-Box Encounters
Corridors to Third Chest
Monster-In-a-Box Encounters

See also Edit

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