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Cerberus is a boss from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. He is the third boss of The World of Darkness, based on the boss of the same name from Final Fantasy III.

Battle Edit

At the start, Cerberus is chained, keeping the heads muzzled. He is limited To basic swipe attacks, including Tail Swipe. After sustaining some damage, he eventually breaks free and starts using new attacks, such as Hound Out of Hell, where he charges at a player (hitting anyone else nearby). While unchained, he'll gradually get increasingly stronger Haste, which is dealt with by the next mechanic below.

Cerberus has a unique mechanic in that some players must be inflicted with Mini and be devoured in order to attack him from inside. He creates a pink goo called Slabber, and summons Gastric Acid. By hitting the Gastric Acid, nearby players will be afflicted with Mini. By walking into the Alabber, players will be seized and devoured by Cerberus (those not under Mini status will be instantly killed). Those devoured must attack the stomach lining while fending off strange hecteyes called "Unknown." The Slabber also spawns flytrap enemies called Wolfsbane that will fire at remaining players, and need to be eliminated.

Once all the Stomach Walls are damaged, Cerberus will slump to ground and everyone in his stomach will be vomited out. While he's stunned, two players must reattach the tethers to his collar in order to muzzle him, resetting his buffs. Failure to do so will most likely result in a total wipe.

Cerberus will eventually break from his muzzle again, and now adds Lightning Bolt to his arsenal of attacks. This attack strikes in random lines in the arena (similar to Magitek Bits in the Ultima Weapon battles), requiring careful maneuvering to avoid. As before, players will need to enter his stomach to stun him again.