Celennia Memorial Library.

Celennia Memorial Library is an area in Final Fantasy XI. Located in the Sacred City of Adoulin, this library serves as an information database as well as an achievements hub for matters relating to the expansion Seekers of Adoulin.

Location and history Edit

Located in The Adoulin Islands, within the area of Eastern Adoulin, the Celennia Wexworth Memorial Library can be found next to the Scouts' Coalition. Shaped in a dome, the library is stacked with shelves of books lining the walls on all sides. This repository of information is traditionally managed by the Scouts' Coalition, which would explain the proximity between both their buildings.

The library is named after Celennia Wexworth, an envoy from Rhazowa who visited Adoulin and imparted her knowledge to its people during the time of the founder king.

Library entries Edit


The library's curator, Reja Ygridhi.

Books in the library can only be accessed after completing a quest. Much like an achievements board, information found within these books fill up as players make progress in the continent of Ulbuka.

The library is broken up into the following sections:

  • Institutions
  • Personages
  • Geography
  • History
  • Bestiary

Achievement rewards Edit

Players who have cleared certain specific objectives may speak with the library's curator, Reja Ygridhi, to receive rewards for their achievements.

Connected areas Edit

The only exit in this library is a door that leads back to Eastern Adoulin.

Music Edit

"The Sacred City of Adoulin" plays while spending time in the library. It is a theme that the area shares with Eastern Adoulin.

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