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Celebrant (ハイプリースト, Hai Purīsuto?), also known as Holy Priest, is an enemy Job in Final Fantasy Tactics. A defensive Job, they are meant to support the actual attack units.

Zalmour has this Job. In War of the Lions, it is also used by Bremondt.


A powerful priest celebrant selected from scores of his peers. He will stop at nothing to hunt down and exterminate heretics.
Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
None Rods, Staves, Books, Poles Hats Clothes, Robes No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
4 3 7 9% Low High Average High


White-aid/Priest MagicksEdit

Celebrant job command. Unleashes spirit forces obtained through the darkest of contracts.

Note: Zalmour and Bremondt must be equipped with a sword to use the Spellblade abilities.

The formula for healing/damage is as follows:

Magick Attack \times PWR \times (Faith/100) \times (Target Faith/100)

The formula for the success of inflicting statuses is as follows:

(Magick Attack + PWR) \times (Faith/100) \times (Target Faith/100)

Note *: All Spellblade's quotes were left disabled as Dummied Content, but the data exists within the game.

Original Name WotL Name Description MP Cost Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Cure 3 Curaga White Magick that soothes injuries, restoring HP.
Can be Reflected. Arithmeticks.
Quote: "Blessing breeze, blow in energy! Cure3!"
16 4 2 15 400
Cure 2 Cura White Magick that soothes injuries, restoring HP.
Can be Reflected. Arithmeticks.
Quote: "Life's refreshing breeze, heal from the sky! Cure2!"
10 4 2 20 180
Confuse A spellblade technique that causes the target to lose their rational nature and perform random actions.
Effect: Confuse.
*Quote: "Infuse a bug's mind into the soul! Confuse!"
14 4 1 Now 200
Sleep A spellblade technique that disrupts circadian rhythms, sending the targets into immediate slumber.
Effect: Sleep.
*Quote: "Follow the spirit and forget about time! Sleep!"
20 4 1 Now 170
Drain A spellblade technique that absorbs the target's HP even as it restores the user's.
*Quote: "Under the name spirits, share all strength we have! Drain!"
12 4 1 Now 180
Silence A spellblade technique that robs the target of speech, rendering them unable to cast spells.
Effect: Silence.
*Quote: "No more casting of spells... Silence!"
16 4 1 Now 90
Don't Act Disable A spellblade technique that curtails the body's freedom, preventing the target from taking action.
Effect: Disable.
*Quote: "No more wishful thinking, no more acts! Don't Act!"
14 4 1 Now 50
Raise 2 Arise White Magick to fetch a warrior from the brink of death and fully restore HP as well.
Can be Reflected. Arithmeticks.
Removes: KO.
Quote: "Spirits of life, give a new life to the soul! Raise2!"
20 4 1 10 500
Esuna White Magick that removes negative status effects.
Can be Reflected. Arithmeticks.
Removes: Stone, Blind, Confuse, Silence, Berserk, Toad, Poison, Sleep, Immobilize, Disable.
Quote: "Heavenly wind, carry us to a fountain of power! Esuna!"
18 3 2 34 280

Reaction AbilitiesEdit

Original Name WotL Name Description Trigger JP Needed
Counter Tackle Counterattack with a tackle. Physical Attack 180

Support AbilitiesEdit

Original Name WotL Name Description JP Needed
Equip Axes Equip axes, regardless of Job. 170
Monster Skill Beastmaster Adds an ability to all monsters in neighboring tiles with an elevation difference of 3h or less. 200
Defend Defend oneself against an attack. Adds the Defend command. 50
Gained JP Up JP Boost Increase the amount of JP earned in battle. 250

Movement AbilitiesEdit

Original Name WotL Name Description JP Needed
Move +1 Increase Move by 1. 200


[view  · edit  · purge]A celebrant is the leader of a liturgy or ceremony who is empowered to perform it.

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