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FFA Cave of Marsh

Cave of Marsh's entrance.

Cave of Marsh (沼の洞窟, Numa no Doukutsu?) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Adventure. A healing spring can be found inside the cave.


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After Sumo obtained the bronze key from the Lizardmen's Nest, he uses it to gain entrance into the cave. Inside there is a wandering Red Mage who tells Sumo that many girls have disappeared in Kett, and are kept inside the caskets in the basement. The Mysterious Man offers his assistance for seeking the Mirror found within.

Upon reaching the lower end of the cave, Sumo and Mysterious Man both battle the Hydra. When they defeat it, Sumo learn the Fire spell and claims the Mirror. Before disappearing, the Mysterious Man tells Sumo that he should show the mirror to the man in Kett and he'll scream and show his true colors.

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