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Cave-In in Final Fantasy V.

Cave-In (らくばん or 落盤, Rakuban?), also called Cave In, is a recurring enemy ability as well as a Geomancer ability in the series. It often deals heavy non-elemental damage to one party member or enemy.


Final Fantasy IIIEdit

III Cave-In is a Geomancer's Terrain ability in the Nintendo DS version. It deals Earth-elemental damage to all enemies, and has a 38% chance of being used in the following terrains: Desert, Altar Cave, Mythril Mine, Sealed Cave, Tozus Tunnel, Cave of the Circle, Ancient Ruins, Ancients' Maze, Doga's Grotto, Cave of Shadows, Bahamut's Lair, and Falgabard.

Final Fantasy VEdit

V Cave-In is used by the Geomancer as a Gaia ability that inflicts Earth-elemental damage to all enemies. It can be used in following areas: Drakenvale, North Mountain, Pyramid of Moore, caves, Istory Falls. Cave-in is one of the strong and rare Gaia abilities, and the Geomancer must be above level 51 to use it.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

VI Cave In is a Dance ability and is used through the Twilight Requiem dance with 7 in 16 chance. It reduces an enemy's HP by 25% and inflicts Sap, but fails on targets immune to instant death.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

VII Cave-In is an enemy ability, used by Demons Gate. It inflicts heavy non-elemental damage to one party member, and when low on HP, it will use this attack twice in a row. The damage of this attack can be reduced by being in the back row.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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A cave-in is a collapse of a geologic formation, mine, or structure, which typically occurs during mining or tunneling.

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