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Castle Fynn is a location from Final Fantasy II. It is the residence of the royal family of Fynn, and the center of the Fynn Kingdom.

Castle Fynn cannot be entered until the events at the Coliseum. The castle is originally full of random encounters until the player beats the boss in the main hall. A hidden switch in the hall allows the player to go underneath the castle where there are random encounters, to find the White Mask.

A mirror exists in the castle. Presenting the Pendant to the mirror gives the player a dragon.


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Castle Fynn is conquered and occupied by the Palamecia Empire alongside with the rest of the city, after Borghen, a general of Fynn, betrays the kingdom. The people of Fynn regroup in Altair, forming the Wild Rose Rebellion.

They attempt to retake Fynn, and Firion and his friends are assigned to deal with the general of the occupation forces, who resides in the castle. They defeat Gottos, the leader of the Palamecian forces in Fynn, allowing the rebels to return to their home.

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Item Location
2,000 gil First floor
1,000 gil First floor
1,000 gil First floor
Aura Tome Second floor, guarded by Sergeants and Sorcerers
Potion Second floor, guarded by Wraiths, Ghasts and Revenants
Werebuster Second Floor
Giant's Gloves Second Floor
Death Tome Third Floor
Break Tome Third Floor
Toad Tome Third Floor


PSP Fynn Dungeons

The dungeons of Castle Fynn.

Item Location
Golden Shield First floor
Golden Armor First floor
Golden Cuirass First floor
Knife B1
Eye Drops B1
Clothes B1
Ether B2
Potion B2
Maiden's Kiss B2
Hi-Potion B3
Flame Shield B3
Spider's Silk B3
Power Staff B4, guarded by Specters, Ghasts
Flame Armor B4
Betrayal Fang B4
Orichalcum B5, guarded by Rhyos
White Mask B5




FFII Background Fynn Castle

Castle Fynn's battle background.



Treasure RoomsEdit


FFII Fynn Dungeons BG

Castle Fynn's Dungeon's battle background.






Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Castle Fynn FFII
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Musical themesEdit

"Ancient Castle"
FFII - Ancient Castle
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The background music inside Castle Fynn is called "Ancient Castle".


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