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The Carve Spider is an insect enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It can be found on the Mist Continent on the plateau areas around Dali and Treno. It is not a difficult enemy to defeat, but can be annoying due to its ability to inflict Slow through its Web attack. Its strongest attack, Antenna, can be dealt with through the use of Protect, and Fire is hardly a threat at the time it is fought.

Formations Edit

Enemies Frequency AP
Carve Spider 0% 2
Carve Spider x2 30% 2
Carve Spider, Axe Beak 40% 2
Axe Beak 0% 2
Axe Beak x2 30% 2
Python x2 0% 2
Python x3 25% 2
Python, Carve Spider, Python 0% 2
Carve Spider 20% 1
Carve Spider x2 20% 1
Carve Spider, Python 35% 1
Carve Spider 25% 1
Carve Spider x2 25% 2
Trick Sparrow 25% 1
Trick Sparrow x2 25% 2
Carve Spider 17% 1
Carve Spider x2 18% 2
Trick Sparrow 17% 1
Trick Sparrow x2 18% 2
Trick Sparrow, Carve Spider 30% 2

Gallery Edit

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