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A freight stop in the middle of the Succarpe region offers little in the way of leisure for passengers, but it provides the perfect cover for Noct and his retinue to run a necessary errand.
—Loading screen description

Cartanica is a train station in Niflheim territory in Final Fantasy XV. It is visited in Chapter 10.

Story Edit

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Prince Noctis and his friends get off the train here to visit Fodina Caestino, a local quarry because Cor Leonis had told them a royal tomb lies in its depths. Ignis Scientia lost his vision in the battle at Altissia, and Gladiolus Amicitia is unhappy with Noctis's inability to deal with his losses, and thus the atmosphere is tense as they head to the quarry. They find the tomb and Ignis speaks his mind to mend the rift that has formed between them, and the party continues their journey on the train.

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FINAL FANTASY XV - Exploring Cartanica Out of Bounds Glitch

FINAL FANTASY XV - Exploring Cartanica Out of Bounds Glitch

  • In the Omen short film Noctis ends up in a maze of stairsMaze-Omen-FFXV that appears to be the stairs from Cartanica train station.
  • Cartanica currently has many areas that can only be explored via an out of bounds glitch. The 1.00 version of this location is much less finished than the current version, and had no roads or cars. The area has been updated with new buildings, a more detailed coast, and Cindy Aurum's tow truck. Despite this area having seen development since launch, Square Enix has not announced plans to implement it as a playable location in upcoming updates and DLC.