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The Carrion Worm is an insect enemy from Final Fantasy IX that can be found in Cleyra. They are moderately dangerous as they can inflict the Trouble status on a party member with its Trouble Juice attack, allowing its allies to inflict damage easily to the entire party. It is usually best to defeat these enemies first due to such, and can be dealt with through the use of Blizzara and Aqua Breath.

Resistance to Fire is recommended to help against its Fira spell. It is highly recommended for Quina to eat one of these enemies to learn Auto-Life, as this is the earliest time possible to learn the spell.


Final Fantasy IX enemy stats
#067 #068
Location Class Eat Other information
Cleyra Insect Auto-Life None
Level HP MP Strength Defense
9 259 345 10 10
Evade Magic Magic Def Magic Eva Attack
2 10 10 3 17
Spirit Speed EXP Gil AP
14 20 329 319 2
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Thunder Water
100% 150% 100% 150%
Wind Earth Holy Shadow Healing
100% 100% 100% 100% -100%Absorbs
Statuses and immunities
Petrify Venom Virus Silence Darkness Trouble Zombie Death Confuse Berserk
- - Immune - - - - - Immune Immune
Stop Auto-Life Poison Sleep Regen Haste Slow Float Shell Protect
- Immune - - - - - - - -
Heat Freeze Vanish Doom Mini Reflect Gradual Petrify Eat Scan Gravity
- - Immune - - - - - Immune Immune
Steal Item dropped Card dropped [12.5%]
[100%] Annoyntment
[25%] Tent
[6.25%] Nothing
[0.39%] Nothing
[100%] Potion
[37.5%] Eye Drops
[12.5%] Phoenix Down
[0.39%] Phoenix Down
Carrion Worm
Abilities Eat
Trouble Juice, Fira, None, Drain Auto-Life

Tetra Master Edit

Tetra Master

Location: Treno, in the slums

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