Going with the Grain
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FFXIV Carpenter IconThe Carpenter (木工師, Mokkou Shi?) is a Disciple of the Hand in Final Fantasy XIV.


The foremost workers of wood, carpenters possess expert knowledge of the hardness, pliability, weight, and value of all types of timber. Their creed is to bring these natural traits to bear in the form of various wares, including utensils and furniture.

Woodworking techniques were, and continue to be, developed and refined by the shipbuilding endeavors of Limsa Lominsa, as well as the towering architectural pursuits of Ishgard. However, it is in and around Gridania, home to the highest quality timber, that the craft's greatest strides have been made.

Gridanian carpentry produces everything from the masks used in their religious ceremonies to the enormous structures that make up their city. The primary tool of the carpenter is the handsaw.


Carpenters can make the bows used by Archers and canes used by Conjurers, as well as the spinning wheels used by Weavers and grinding wheels used by Goldsmiths. They can also manufacture some kinds of footwear used by adventurers as well as wooden shields.

Their specialization in timber lets them prepare chopped logs into processed lumber used by many Disciples of the Hand. They also can create various furniture, including the walls of wood style housing.


Carpenters are defined by wielding a saw in the main hand, and can equip a claw hammer to the off-hand.


Ability Level CP Cost Cross-Class Description
Basic Synthesis 1 0 No Increases progress. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 90%
Basic Touch 5 18 No Increases quality. Efficiency: 100% Success Rate: 70%
Master's Mend 7 92 No Restores item durability by 30.
Steady Hand 9 22 No Improves action success rate by 20% for the next five steps.
Inner Quiet 11 18 No Grants a bonus to control with every increase in quality.
Observe 13 14 No Do nothing for one step.
Rumination 15 0 Yes Removes Inner Quiet effect and restores CP proportional to the number of times control was increased.
Standard Touch 18 32 No Increases quality. Efficiency: 125% Success Rate: 80%
Great Strides 21 32 No Doubles efficiency of next Touch action. Effect active for three steps.
Master's Mend II 25 160 No Restores item durability by 60.
Standard Synthesis 31 15 No Increases progress. Efficiency: 150% Success Rate: 90%
Brand of Wind 37 15 Yes Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is wind. Efficiency: 100% (200%) Success Rate: 90%
Advanced Touch 43 48 No Increases quality. Efficiency: 150% Success Rate: 90%
Byregot's Blessing 50 32 Yes Increases quality. Efficiency: 100% plus 20% for each bonus to control granted by Inner Quiet. Success Rate: 90%
Note: Removes Inner Quiet upon use.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


Carpenter TCG

Carpenter appears with a wind-elemental card.