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The Bomb Ring activating itself.

An infamous heirloom that once caused a terrible tragedy.
—Description, Dissidia Final Fantasy.

The Carnelian Signet (ボムの指輪, Bomu no Yubiwa?), also known as Package or Bomb Ring in the SNES and PlayStation versions respectively, is a key item in Final Fantasy IV.


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Final Fantasy IVEdit

Bomb Ring Activates IVDS

The Carnelian Signet activates.

Cecil Harvey has completed his mission to bring the Water Crystal from Mysidia to Baron, but when Cecil begins to question the King of Baron's motives he is dismissed from his post with the Red Wings and ordered to deliver a carnelian signet to the village of Mist with Kain Highwind. Unbeknown to both, the signet is actually an incendiary bomb.

Cecil and Kain pass through the Mist Cave and slay the Mist Dragon at the cave's end. Once they arrive at Mist the signet activates and Bombs are released to set the village ablaze, and Cecil and Kain realize the king had entrapped them to purge the resident summoners.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Edward defends the Damcyan Castle from a raid using a Carnelian Signet, using it to take out the Mysterious Girl's soldiers.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIEdit

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Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Carnelian Signet appears as a trade accessory, which grants +4 Luck and can only be obtained through battlegen using the Red Wing Ace Friend Card. It is used to create the "Easy Come Easy Go" accessory.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

An antique ring that caused a tragedy and sought by all who gaze upon it.

Carnelian Signet is a trade accessory that grants +4 Luck when equipped, and can only be found in two parts of the Confessions of the Creator.



[view  · edit  · purge]A signet is a ring, typically made of carnelian, used to seal letters with wax by means of pressing a certain symbol (usually a coat of arms) onto the envelope. The seals created by signets were also used on official documents in lieu of a written signature.

"Carnelian Signet" was an updated term for the translation of the Nintendo DS release. Tom Slattery commented that the original term "Bomb Ring" would give away the plot twist of the item's true purpose. [1]


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