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The Caravan is a location in the original Final Fantasy. It consists solely of a merchant caravan with rare wares, such as a faerie in a bottle, a key item to proceed in the story.

Shops Edit

Caravan (Items before Bottled Faerie) Edit

Name Cost
NES & PS (Normal) PS (Easy), GBA & PSP
Bottled Faerie 50,000 gil 40,000 gil

Caravan (Items after Bottled Faerie) Edit

Name Cost
NES & PS (Normal) PS (Easy), GBA & PSP
NES and PlayStation only
Potion 60 gil 40 gil
Antidote 75 gil 50 gil
Gold Needle 800 gil 500 gil
Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable only
Giant's Tonic N/A 1,500 gil
Faerie Tonic N/A 1,500 gil
Strength Tonic N/A 1,000 gil
Protect Drink N/A 1,000 gil
Speed Drink N/A 1,000 gil

Musical themes Edit

The background music that plays in Caravan is Final Fantasy's "town theme", although the theme that plays inside the Caravan is "Shop".

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the original NES version, the airship could land right on top of the Caravan, making it the only desert square that the airship could land on.

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