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SeeD Personal Carrier

A car is a recurring method of transportation in Final Fantasy games. Sometimes they do not appear as vehicles the player can use, but are still part of the game world.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit



A blue pick-up truck made by Shinra.

Gaia is the first Final Fantasy world to have cars. Cars are manufactured by the Shinra Electric Power Company, and during the party's visit to the Shinra Headquarters, they can view a promotional video of Shinra Manufacturing Works' latest models in the shop. When the party escapes the building, Tifa Lockhart drives the others in a three-wheeler pick-up while Cloud Strife defends it from Shinra motorcyclists while riding his Hardy-Daytona.

Cars are scarcer outside Midgar. Cloud rides in a truck with Sephiroth and other Shinra personnel in the story of the Nibelheim Incident he tells his friends in Kalm. Many wrecked cars and lorries are seen in Corel Prison, especially near where Dyne is met, and the party gains a buggy, an eight-wheeler "minibus" the player can drive around the world map until they get the Highwind, able to cross shallow rivers and desert.

There is also an old car in the entrance to Nibelheim, and Palmer is knocked down by a Shinra truck when he tries to steal Cid Highwind's Tiny Bronco airplane. In a flashback scene, Cloud and Zack are seen riding on the back of a pick-up toward Midgar.

The reveal trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake shows the Midgar Highway with traffic.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenEdit



Cars seen around the Meteor monument.

Cars remain prevalent in the area around Midgar, although Cloud and the Remnants of Sephiroth stick to using motorcycles. Yazoo and Loz take many children to the Forgotten Capital on a pick-up as well.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit



Laguna parks his armored vehicle, blocking traffic.

Cars come in a variety of shapes and models depending on the area of the world they are seen in, and are accessible to the player via rental services. Driving a car on the world map expends fuel but is faster than walking and avoids random encounters. Cars and trucks can also be seen around towns and cities.

SeeD Personal Carrier Vehicle is used by Balamb Garden for transporting SeeD members and SeeD cadets. Deling City runs bus services for free. Squall Leonhart drives a car called the Tempest during the parade in Deling City, and dummied content suggests Laguna Loire was to drive a green pick-up during his stay in Winhill. Galbadia's G-Forces also employ various armored vehicles for transporting their troops.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Eden - Ramuh Interchange (Upper)

Cars in Eden.

Cars are seen in Eden, the capital of Cocoon. By the time the party visits the city it is amid chaos and the cars lie abandoned along the streets. They don't have wheels, but instead work via hover technology, possibly Antimatter Manipulation Principle.

Sazh Katzroy's Eidolon, Brynhildr, also transforms into a race car for Sazh to ride in Gestalt Mode.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

XIII-2 Hover cars are used extensively in Academia.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

LR The presence of the remains of major routes indicates that after the flood of Chaos cars were used but over the course of five hundred years these roads started to get an increasing amount of Chaos infusions and the routes were closed in favor of the monorail. In Luxerion's Warren remains of a traditional wheel car are found, suggesting that after the formation of Nova Chrysalia the hover technology fell into disuse.

Final Fantasy XVEdit



Cindy's Hammerhead truck.

Cars are of Niflheim make and are imported to the rest of the world. Regalia is King Regis's of the kingdom of Lucis black convertible that his son Noctis and his friends use to travel the world. The car will be playable in the game and will be the party's main mode of transportation.

Other cars glimpsed so far in trailers and in the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo appear more old-fashioned. NPCs drive cars randomly on the roads, but stop if the player steps in front of them. Being pushed by cars over the edge of the designated playable demo area has been used by players in Episode Duscae to explore unfinished areas. Cindy has a yellow truck that is seen parked at the Coernix Station - Alstor in the demo. Police cars similar to the actual police cars used in Japan have also been spotted in the E3 2013 reveal trailer for the game.

Final Fantasy Versus XIIIEdit


A car in-game.

A car that appears to be a precursor to the car named Regalia in Final Fantasy XV appeared in early footage for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It was also driven by Ignis.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit



A truck in Azurr.

Milites Empire uses cars for transport. Lorries and cars are both seen in Militesi towns. Rather than having wheels, the cars hover and glide along the ground. It is assumed they work via C-Engines that siphon power from the White Tiger Crystal.


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