Cape Teriggan.

Cape Teriggan is a location in Final Fantasy XI.

Locations Edit

Twilight Beach Edit

Teriggan Twilight Beach

Twilight Beach.

Sea of Zafmlug Edit

Teriggan Sea of Zafmlug

The Sea of Zafmlug.

Cermet Headstone Edit

Teriggan Cermet Headstone

The Cermet Headstone found in Cape Teriggan.

Position: (H-5)

Outpost Edit

Teriggan Outpost

Cape Teriggan's outpost.

Position: (G-8)

Connected Areas Edit

Two tunnels to the east lead to the Valley of Sorrows.
Gustav Tunnel can be reached after dropping off a cliff northeast of Cape Teriggan. The cliff restricts access for those traveling from Gustav Tunnel to much of this area.
Kuftal Tunnel lies southwest from Cape Teriggan.
The cave leading to the Cloister of Gales is hidden in the northwestern corner of this area.

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